What is Content Marketing? Introduce content marketing mechanisms and tools

Introduction Content marketing is a marketing method that uses a variety of content, such as content from around the world, social networking sites, and email, to enhance user engagement and build a medium- to long-term, highly loyal relationship. This article introduces you to content marketing and includes tools to help you with content marketing. Organize content marketing Content marketing is a way of doing things, and it’s essentially a way of creating and delivering content. You may want to organize them into the following items. WHY: Purpose. What do you do it for? What good will it bring? WHO: Who are you targeting? WHAT: What should I say? HOW: How do you deliver?   WHY The first thing you need is a goal. By sorting out why you need to do that, your actions and measures won’t be blurred. For example, we organize upstream objectives such as acquiring new customers, preventing customers from leaving, and getting customers to buy other products. Some common purposes include:. To increase the number of new inquiries To increase the unit price of existing customers To prevent existing customers from leaving In order to cross-sell another product WHO: Who Should You Deliver To? Once the […]

What is SFA? Differentiation from MA and CRM and key SFA solutions

What you can do with SFA SFA has made a significant contribution to the management and efficiency of sales activities. SFA stands for Sales Force Automation and is often expressed as sales support system in Japanese. For example, it is a tool that supports efficient sales activities using data such as visualization of sales processes, business card management of business partners, and lead training. One of the best known services is Salesforce tools. Specific Benefits of SFA Customer management using data Data management such as customer visit history Manage communications between internal sales representatives and customers Loyalty of customers through step mail, etc. visualization of sales progress What is different from CRM? The key word in a similar context to SFA is CRM. What is the difference between SFA and CRM? What Is CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It refers to the overall approach to managing customer relationship building. It refers to customer management in a broad sense including not only BtoB area but also BtoC area. CRM covers the entire process of managing customer data, labeling customers, and communicating appropriately with labeled customers.The difference from SFA is that SFA is specialized in sales and its own sales process management is […]

Useful for media and blog publishers! Summary of article substitution services

Introduction When managing media and blogs, the quality and quantity of content are important. Although the number of video media is increasing, text content remains the most popular media as of 2019. In this article, we introduce article substitution services that are useful for media companies. Issues in writing articles Resources are probably the biggest challenge for writing articles. If the editorial department has multiple writers in the team, it is possible to operate stably, but I think there are many people who do everything from planning to writing by themselves. 1 Article Even with 3,000 to 2,000 words of content, it often takes several hours including desk research, organization, and editing. If a sentence has more than 10,000 characters, it will be a big burden. In addition, it will be a great resource if you include the preparation for the interview when there are interviews. Alternative to resource problem resolution This article introduces article substitution services for solving resource problems in media management. There are requests to “Freelance/Individual” and “editing production” for the article agency service. Subscriptions to individuals can be done more cheaply and quickly via crowdsourcing services and other platforms. Editing production (Commonly known as “Hen Pro”) […]

Streamline Your Business with an Online Assistant | Discover the Benefits and Demerit Recommendations

What is Online Assistant Service? The online assistant service (= Online secretarial services) is a new type of service that has been attracting attention in recent years.This is a new type of service that enables you to outsource miscellaneous tasks online, such as preparing materials, coordinating schedules with business partners, and managing internal meetings.In this article, we introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of the online secretary service, its basic usage, and recommended online secretary service. basic usage of the online assistant service The online assistant service (= Online secretarial services) is a service to request an operation through chat and videoconference. Going online also reduces resources by eliminating the need for face-to-face interaction. You can ask for a wide range of work, but it is mainly miscellaneous tasks rather than specialized areas.   [Main users] sole proprietors, managers, company employees, etc. [Purpose of Use] Outsourcing chores to reduce resources [Main Business Requests]secretarial work / internal task management / Schedule reconciliation with business partners / updating internal documents / Update Excel, spreadsheets, etc.   ●secretarial work internal task management Schedule reconciliation with business partners updating internal documents Update Excel, spreadsheets, etc.   ●Human Resources and General Affairs Interview Coordination […]

Introducing The Thor, a word press that combines functionality and design

Introduction This article introduces you to the paid WordPress theme “The Thor”. Why pay themes? Careful selection of paid topics can provide a return that exceeds the cost of maintaining stable media and blogs over time. Specifically, there are four benefits: Design: Good design. Good media for UX. Attraction: Strong SEO features are the main drivers for increased traction Customizable: Personalize your media to your liking Community: Can I contact you about defects or new features? What Is The Thor? The Thor is a paid WordPress theme that combines SEO’s ability to attract customers with design. Here is Demo site   The Features Of The Thor Now let’s take a look at the features of The Thor. Enhanced features for enhanced SEO The Thor comes with essential SEO features by default. Especially noteworthy is the enhanced functions that lead to the speed improvement of the site. Specifically, it comes with features by default that improve site speed, including the asynchronous load configuration:. Configuring Title and Meta Description Tags on Top Pages CSS Asynchronous Load Settings Imp Asynchronous Load Settings HTML Compression Settings Auto-generated Site Map Creation Intuitive setup screen The Thor has a lot of features, but it has an intuitive settings […]