Introduction to Confluence, a useful collaboration wiki tool

This post is also available in: 日本語 Ads 目次 1 About Confluence2 The Operation Company of Confluence 3 How we use Confluence?4 Confluence Case Study5 How to register Confluence6 Confluence Pricing7 Confluence Basics8 Confluence for Page Creation Summary 9 Horizontal ruler10 Confluence Useful Macro Summary11 At The End About Confluence What is Confluence? Confluence is a wiki tool for organizing and discussing work by creating content in a team. In addition to being able to easily create and share pages like a blog, you can also work with a variety of external applications. Yahoo! , GREE, and many other IT companies are using the hottest wiki tools right now. Here is Promotion Video The Operation Company of Confluence Confluence is managed by Atlassian, based in Sydney, Australia. Atlassian is a company that develops enterprise software. In addition to Confluence , Atlassian’s products include JIRA, a project management tool, and Trello, a task management tool. Other products for programmers include Crucible, FishEye, Bamboo, and Clover. Company Atlassian  Corporate site Adrress  Sydney, Australia   Products   Confluence、JIRA、Trello、Crucible、FishEye、Bamboo、Clover   MArket cap 8.74B ※Bloomberg Atlassian’s market cap is growing rapidly. How we use Confluence? Confluence is a very useful tool, but it has its pros … Continue reading Introduction to Confluence, a useful collaboration wiki tool