Introducing Miro, a convenient online whiteboard service

This post is also available in: 日本語 Ads 目次 1 Introduction2 What We Can Do With Miro3 miro’s Pricing4 How To Register miro5 How To Use miro6 various miro templates7 Add-on Other Application8 At The End Introduction In this article, we introduce how to use Miro, which is extremely popular among creators and businessmen, as an online whiteboard. Originally it was called Realtime Board, but recently the service name was changed to miro. What We Can Do With Miro First, let’s take a quick look at what you can do with miro. In a nutshell, miro is an online whiteboard. In other words, you can do various things on the whiteboard with miro. The main uses are as follows, but the ideas will spread. brainstorming: wrapping and organizing diagrams and arranging order *Mind maps: branching ideas like mind maps and decision trees *Simple service blueprint: wires, notes, etc. *Idea Notepad: free to write down ideas *Presentations: especially those that require visu miro’s Pricing I will briefly introduce the price plan. Can be done for free You can use Miro for free even if it’s not a paid plan. Here’s how it works for free:. It can be said that it … Continue reading Introducing Miro, a convenient online whiteboard service