Introducing Related Articles about Trello, Task Management Tool

This post is also available in: 日本語 目次 0.1 Introduction1 What is Trello?1.1 Introduce Trello’s various external partnerships2 Integration with Google Chrome2.1 Collaboration With Confluence2.2 Collaboration With Slack2.3 Automate Trello with Butler2.4 Creating Gantt Charts with Elegant for Trello2.5 And finally AdsIntroduction There are many entries about Trello, a popular task management tool in Utilities. From basic usage to external collaboration to make your job more efficient, Trello’s appeal is exhaustive. What is Trello? The following entry shows the basic use of Trello. It covers everything from how to register to how to use it. Introduce Trello’s various external partnerships Trello can be enhanced with add-ons and other services. The Utilities also has several entries on external partnerships. Integration with Google Chrome You can extend Trello by adding a variety of add-ons. Here’s a list of extensions you can install with Google Chrome. Collaboration With Confluence This entry describes how to work with Confluence, a project management and wiki tool. Collaboration With Slack This is an entry about the connection with chat service Slack. This section describes how to configure Slack to notify you of Trello updates. Automate Trello with Butler Trello has an add-on called Butler. Butler is a … Continue reading Introducing Related Articles about Trello, Task Management Tool