Here are the top 5 most popular articles from last week! (12 May to 18 May 2019)

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Last week’s popular article!

Here are five of U-TILLY’s most popular stories from last week.

Aggregation period: 12 May to 18 May 2019

<1st> [Preserved in 2019] 18 recommended add-ons for Google Chrome extension

The first is a great summary of the Google Chrome extensions. There are some useful add-ons that you can install from work to SNS.

<2nd> How to create a Gantt chart with the Trello add-on

The second article is about Trello. This article is about the Trello add-on “Elegant for Trello”. This is a handy add-on that allows you to chart your Trello tasks just by installing them.

<3rd> How to use the task management tool Trello with an automated tool “Butler” to be extremely efficient

Third place is also related to Trello. This is an add-on called Butler that automates board management for Trello.

<4th> Displays Excel with Confluence

The fourth article is about Confluence. Excel can be viewed with Confluence using the Confluence add-on (= Macro). The contents are highly versatile, so please take a look.

<5th> Introduces the basics of using Confluence, a useful wiki tool

The fifth article is also related to Confluence. What is Confluence? How do you use it? and more.

At The End

This time, Trello and Confluence take two minutes.

That’s all for last week’s popular article ranking.





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