All you need to know is that! Quick introduction to frequently used terms in digital marketing

Introduction     In this article, we summarize the terms that are frequently used in digital marketing. I think you have heard of this term when you are doing marketing.   Free, Effective Marketing Tool If you’re ready to start marketing, Utility offers 10 free marketing tools. Please take a look at this if you are interested. これからマーケティングを始める時に絶対に利用したい無料で使えるツール10選   Practical Digital Marketing Glossary Let’s take a look at the terms used in digital marketing!   SEO SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a term used by Google, Yahoo! to make your site easier to find. SEO aims to make it easier for your site’s content to be rated by Google’s search engines by expanding your content and organizing your internal links. By placing the right quality and quantity of content in the right location on your site, you can tailor it to your search needs, which in turn increases search traffic to your site.   ASO ASO stands for App Search Optimization. Mainly in the App Store, Google Play and other app markets to make it better. We aim to increase the number of app installs by keeping the search share in the app market high by optimizing […]

How To Use Google Analytics For Marketing

Introduction     Here’s how Google Analytics works, an essential tool for website analytics and marketing. U-TILLY will introduce the point of the acupressure point.     Blog, Media and Site management questions In the marketing of services and products, we attract customers to our website and our home. It is essential to promote actions such as registering and purchasing from the website, but I think various questions will arise in the operation.   How many people are on the page in the first place? What kind of people are on the page? Which page is being viewed? Is the number of people who come to the page decreasing or increasing? Which page is more profitable? What is the ratio between advertising and organic? Is Social Networking Useful?   With Google Analytics, these questions are easy and compelling.   What is Google Analytics?     Google Analytics is a site analysis tool provided by Google. It is familiar to marketers as GA, and is an indispensable tool at an unthinkable level. That said, it’s a useful tool that only marketers can use, and anyone with the basics can use.   How to set up Google Analytics The first step is […]

Introducing moppy, the No.1 point site in Japan

What is moppy? This entry introduces the point service moppy. moppy is one of the largest pocket money sites in Japan. It can be said that this is a service that can be used firmly as one of the options of side work or home work while using points in daily life.   operating company The operating company of moppy is Ceres Inc. Ceres was founded in 2005 and is currently listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Listing on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange is very reliable. scale of moppy moppy actually has 7 million registered users in total. The scale is overwhelming because a very large number of people are already using it. How moppy Works Now let’s take a quick look at how point site moppy works. Revenue from advertisers fees for exchanging points   Moppy does business mainly in two ways, but the biggest one is the revenue from advertisers. Let me explain briefly about advertising revenue. If you sign up for an advertiser’s service through moppy, moppy will receive a performance fee from the advertiser. It is a system that a user is given a point after subtracting location […]

You can list your specialty on crowdsourcing service “Coconala”!

Introduction If you think about side business or side business while doing your main business, if you stick to cost performance, you should basically do “Time is flexible.” “No need to move” “I don’t want to do the impossible work. I don’t want to do the impossible work.” I think it is desirable. In this post, we will introduce a service “coconala” where you can be rewarded for what you are good at when you are at home. Services that enable part-time work at home In the first place, when you think of a service that allows you to do side jobs at home, crowdsourcing comes to mind first. Coconala is another crowdsourcing service, but it has a very unique feature. To learn more about the crowdsourcing service itself, check out the following entry:. Here’s a comparison between Crowdworks and Lancers. フリーランスやパラレルワークを考えているビジネスパーソンは登録しておくべきサービスまとめ   Registration is free! You can register as a member for free. Facebook and Yahoo! It works with the ID so that you can register in as little as one minute. coconala   Coconala Can Sell Your Skills Coconala is a platform where you can list your favorite skills from 500 yen. Just as you can price and […]

About the web writing market! The trick to getting a high payoff

Introduction   One of the most popular jobs in side jobs and freelance crowdsourcing is a writer. There are a wide variety of writing projects from everyday to specialty. Also, the market price varies greatly depending on the difficulty, expertise and scarcity of the project. In this article, I will focus on the market conditions and rewards of web writing.       What is a writer? I will introduce what is a job of a writer in the first place. A writer is a general job of writing an article in a specific media mainly through interviews and materials. There are various types of media such as web media, paper media and free papers. As a writer, there are various writing projects in media, industry, and article genre. Media is from web to paper as mentioned above. Industries range from cosmetics, food, and daily necessities to economics, society, IT, and entertainment. Article genres include interviews, interviews, transcripts, and articles from materials and press releases.The range of multiplication is infinite.     What is a writing price quotation     The market price of crowdsourcing is 0.5 yen for 1 letter! Roughly 1 letter is 0.5 yen in crowdsourcing services […]