What is the Next Generation of Code-Free Design Tools “STUDIO”?

This post is also available in: 日本語 Ads 目次 1 What is STUDIO?2 STUDIO Features3 How to get started with STUDIO4 Basic usage of STUDIO5 STUDIO Impressions6 Blog services coming in 2019?7 And finally, What is STUDIO? STUDIO is a new design tool based on the concept that you can publish your design directly on the web. It’s a fairly new tool with a one-stop approach to design, coding, and publishing.   Funding News Announced in July 2019 In July 2019, raising 130 million yen became a hot topic. With this funding, Japan Design Center, THE GUILD, PARTY and other big names representing Japan are participating. I hope it will improve the design and UX. Top designers representing the industry gather. STUDIO completes pre-series A funding of 130 million yen.   Concept video is cool. This is the concept video of STUDIO. (I feel that it has a well-designed posture as it is made with Vimeo.) STUDIO Features Now let me introduce the features of STUDIO.   The design is cool. With the Japan Design Center, THE GUILD, PARTY, and other leading Japanese design companies on board, you can create a more design-oriented but highly usable site. The good thing … Continue reading What is the Next Generation of Code-Free Design Tools “STUDIO”?