Make Your Work More Efficient With Zapier

This post is also available in: 日本語 目次 1 Introduction2 What is Zapier?3 Zapier’s pricing structure4 Zapier: What You Can Do5 Using Zapier6 First look at popular Zaps7 And finally, AdsIntroduction In daily work, there is a growing need for automation of complicated tasks such as managing submission deadlines. However, even if you do automation, I think there are cases where it costs too much to have a system built. You can use task automation tools like Zapier to automate multiple services and applications for your business.   Another automation tool introduced by Utility is IFTTT. Read more about IFTTT in the article below. How to use IFTTT, a service that connects and automates various services   What is Zapier?   Zapier integrates with Slack, Google, and more than 1500 other services to automate your tasks. With Zapier, it is possible to easily perform various kinds of automation which was difficult to set up unless you are an engineer.   How to Register Zapier You can register Zapier from this official page. You can easily register by registering your email address and password, or by connecting to your Google or Facebook account. First, select a role, such as Engineer or … Continue reading Make Your Work More Efficient With Zapier