Creating WordPress Media on the GoogleCloudPlatform (GDP)

This post is also available in: 日本語 目次 1 Introduction2 Benefits of using Google services3 Buying Your Domain with GoogleDomains4 Configuring the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)5 Install Word Press6 And finally, AdsIntroduction In this article, I’ll show you how to create a WordPress site from scratch using the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This article is divided into the first part and the second part. We will introduce the site construction using the following services. Servers, etc.: Google Cloud Platform Domains: GoogleDomains CMS: WordPress Benefits of using Google services Here are some of the benefits of using nearly all of Google’s services:.   You can start for free: you can start for free for practically the first year because you have free credit. Easy integration with Google tools: Connect with other services using your Google account. Same Support Center: Different departments but basically Google is the center so it’s not complicated. Buying Your Domain with GoogleDomains Buy a domain in Google Domains. Search for the domain name you want and put it in the cart. You can pay by credit card. When your purchase is complete, your domain appears in My Domain.     Configuring the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Next, … Continue reading Creating WordPress Media on the GoogleCloudPlatform (GDP)