AdBlock Plus Is A Chrome Extension To Block YouTube Video Ads

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When you play a video on YouTube, you sometimes have to watch an ad before the video itself. If you’re looking for a quick video, this ad can be annoying. Here’s how to block them.

What Is YouTube Ads?

One of the ways YouTube monetizes is through advertising. There are a variety of formats for YouTube ads, the most common of which is TrueView (Trueview). It shows “You can skip this advertisement after 5 seconds.” before you watch a video recently, and after 5 seconds you can choose to skip the ad or watch the rest.

How to Block YouTube Ads

Here’s how to block YouTube ads.


YouTube Premium is ad-free.

Basically, if you subscribe to the monthly YouTube premium, the ads will be hidden. You are not a YouTube Premium subscriber.

Google Chrome Extension “Adblock Plus”

Install Google Chrome extension Adblock Plus. Add it from the following Chrome Web Store link. Adblock Plus is one of the most popular ad blocking tools with 500 million downloads worldwide.

Click here for Adblock Plus

AdBlock Plus is only available for Google Chrome. Other browsers such as Internet Explorer cannot be used.

When the addition is complete, a screen similar to the following appears.

Just install Adblock Plus and you’ll get rid of annoying ads. You can check the status of blocked ads by clicking on the Adblock Plus icon in Google Chrome. In addition to YouTube ads, you can also hide the following ads:.

  • YouTube advertising
  • Facebook Ad
  • banner ad


You may find that you can block ads by using Adblock Plus. On the other hand, the ad blocking feature is definitely a product that will result in a loss of opportunity for ad revenue from the advertising side. It could be said that further efforts will be needed such as distribution of advertisements that are easy for users to accept as content rather than advertisements that are annoying.

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AdBlock Plus Is A Chrome Extension To Block YouTube Video Ads