What is ASP? How Affiliate Service Providers Do Not Listen

  • 2019-07-27 (最終更新:2019-08-12)
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Affiliates are often mentioned in various contexts, but they are one of the oldest advertising methods in the history of the Internet from a relatively early stage.

In this article, we introduce “affiliate service provider” which is a major affiliate matching service between advertisers and media.




If you run media,

If you run a media business, how to monetize media will be a big theme.

In general, advertising revenue is the best way to monetize media.

In terms of advertising revenue, strictly speaking, the cash points are different.

Here’s how to organize your money:.

  • Pay for impressions: Google AdSense, Net Ads, etc.
  • Paying for clicks = Click Paid: Search Ads, Google AdSense
  • YouTube, Other Video Ads Spend Money on Video Playback
  • Pay for Results = Affiliates

In this article, we introduce affiliates, an advertising method that pays for results.


What is an affiliate?

Affiliates are performance-based advertising methods.

Affiliates are one of many advertising methods, and they are not good or bad in themselves.

Essentially, advertisers pay the media for conversions that meet their promised milestones.

Affiliate Benefits to Advertisers

From the advertiser’s point of view, the advantage of affiliate is that the advertiser type can pay advertising expenses for desired business results.

In the case of impression charges, if you don’t click or use the service even when the advertisement is displayed, you will end up wasting money.

However, affiliate advertising has the advantage that the return on investment can be seen very clearly because the company can pay for the business use of its own services, such as 1000 yen for 1 service use.


Media Benefits of Affiliates

The main advantages of affiliate from the media point of view are as follows.

Reward points are clear, so you can count back and run the media efficiently.
It’s also more profitable than impressions.


What is an Affiliate Service Provider?

Affiliate Service Providers (Common Name: ASP) are platforms that match advertisers who want to place affiliate ads with media that they want to monetize through affiliate advertising.

From the advertiser’s point of view, there is an advantage that a lot of media will pick up products just by submitting to ASP.

From the media perspective, ASPs are responsible for finding advertisers.

Affiliates can be said to be those who have great advantages for both parties.

What is the business model of affiliate service providers?

The revenue structure for affiliate service providers is as follows.

Our business model is basically to deduct fees as ASP usage fees from performance fees.


main flow of ASP usage

The main usage flow of ASP is as follows.

As a prerequisite, you need to have a blog or media that introduces the advertiser’s products and services.

  1. Register for the service: Register operator information, media information, etc.
  2. Registration Screening: ASP registration itself has a screening. After passing the examination, it will be officially registered.
  3. Deal partnering: Once you have registered, you will not be able to deal. You need to apply for a partnership with the project you want to participate in.
  4. Advertising placement: You can place an ad only after you pass a partnership review for an individual deal.
  5. Outcome Generation: When conversion occurs through advertising, it can be counted as an occurrence.
  6. Remuneration determination: The advertiser examines whether the generated result is correct according to the condition. This will pass and the reward will be finalized.
  7. Receipt: ASP will make a timely transfer to your bank account.

Compare Affiliate Service Providers

This chapter introduces the major ASPs in Japan.

Which ASP should I register with?

ASPs have areas of expertise in each service.

Also, there are many cases where the amount of incentive remuneration differs depending on whether there is a campaign or not even if it is an advertising deal of the same advertiser.

So, you don’t have to limit yourself to one of them, but you can minimize opportunity loss by registering as many as possible.




A8.net is one of the largest affiliate service providers in the country.

It is the number one service in Japan in terms of both the number of advertisers and the number of members, and is operated by Fan Communications, a company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


Good things about A8.net

Let me briefly introduce the good points of A8.net.

  • Above all, it is one of the largest in Japan, so there are many projects.
  • Self-back services, so you get a performance fee for your own purchases
  • It also offers an app service so you can easily manage deals with apps.
  • There are many seminars for media members and the community is active.


Access Trade

Access Trade is also one of the largest affiliate service providers in Japan.

Access Trade is a long-established ASP that has been running since 2001, and has a reputation for trust built on years of operational experience.

Access Trade Advantages

  • Remuneration transfer fee is free!
  • Can be self-affiliated
  • If you rank up, you get new information!

TCS Affiliate


I recommend TCS Affiliate if you are a financial affiliate with a high incentive fee.

TCS is focused on finance as a service offering, so if you run a financial media, I recommend you register.

Advantages of TCS Affiliate

  • As an ASP specializing in finance, there are many financial projects!
  • 1% of the performance fee can be returned as points.



afb is an ASP run by forit.inc.

The service itself has 12 years of operational experience as of 2019.

Good thing about afb

  • There is an attractive afb monopoly!
  • TBC and Zexy are the only deals available on afb!

Value Commerce

Value Commerce is an ASP operated by Value Commerce, a company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Value Commerce is an established company in the Internet industry, regardless of whether it launched in 1999 or its affiliates.

Yahoo! , Rakuten, Amazon, and other major IT companies.


The Advantages of Value Commerce

Yahoo! , Rakuten, Amazon, and other tech giants


Other Affiliate Service Providers

There are many other ASPs, of course.

If you have time, please check it.


Marketing to Increase Media Revenue

Marketing power is important to improve the profitability of media including affiliates.

If you are interested, please visit Utilities for free marketing tools.




And finally,

That’s it for the affiliate service provider.

Utility offers a variety of services to help you be more productive at work.

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