Meet Atlassian, a company that continues to create hot SaaS services

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In this article, we will introduce you to Atlassian, a company that has created a succession of high-profile SaaS services such as Confluence and Trello.


Atlassian Overview

Atlassian is an Australia-based technology company. We mainly provide software services. From Confluence, a hot SaaS to project management tools like Jira and Trello, to engineering products like Bamboo and Clover.


Market capitalization of 2 billion

Atlassian is listed on NASDAQ. The company had a market capitalization of $312 billion as of March 2019. It’s a tremendous growth.

Stock Price of Atlassian is here.(Bloomberg





Here’s a quick rundown of Atlassian’s corporate history.
It was established in 2001, so it has a history of nearly 20 years since it was established.


2001: Founded

Atlassian was founded by Mike Cannon Brooks and Scott Farker in Sydney, Australia. They went to the same university, the University of New South Wales. By the way, the origin of the Atlassian name was inspired by Titan in Greek mythology.

2002: JIRA released

The following year, JIRA 1.0 was released.

2003: Released Confluence

The following year, in 2003, Confluence 1.0 was released globally.


2005 — More than 1,000 customers

2014: Rewarding Workplaces

Ranked No. 1 in Australia “Rewarding Workplaces” (7th in the US and 1st in Asia).


2015: IPO

Listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. The security code is “TEAM”

2017: Acquired Trello

Task management tool Trello acquired for $47 billion



Atlassian culture

Atlassian’s mission is “Help bring out the potential of every team through an open way of working”.

Atlassian has five values.

  • Open corporate culture, no bullshit
  • Make with all your heart and mind.
  • Don’t neglect your customers
  • act as a team
  • You are the driver of change.

From these values, great collaboration tools will be created.


Atlassian’s Key Services

Here are some of the key offerings from Atlassian. Our business collaboration tools provide solutions ranging from personal task management to engineer code management.


Confluence is a wiki collaboration tool that allows you to customize and stock information like a blog.

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Jira is a project management tool that allows you to choose from a variety of formats depending on your project, including Kanban.



Trello is a tool that lets you manage your tasks in a kanban fashion.

You can drag and drop task cards around to manage your projects and tasks.

Trello is introduced in the following entry.

Introducing Trello, a Useful Task Management Tool




Bitbucket is a Git code management solution for engineers.


At The End

That’s Atlassian’s introduction. We offer a variety of collaboration tools to improve work efficiency. We must keep an eye on future developments.