Meet Atlassian, a company that continues to create hot SaaS services

This post is also available in: 日本語 目次 1 Introduction2 Atlassian Overview3 Market capitalization of $312 billion4 History4.1 2001: Founded4.2 2002: JIRA released4.3 2003: Released Confluence4.4 2005 — More than 1,000 customers4.5 2014: Rewarding Workplaces4.6 2015: IPO4.7 2017: Acquired Trello5 Atlassian culture6 Atlassian’s Key Services6.1 Confluence6.2 JIRA6.3 Trello6.4 Bitbucket7 At The End Introduction In this article, we will introduce you to Atlassian, a company that has created a succession of high-profile SaaS services such as Confluence and Trello.   AdsAtlassian Overview Atlassian is an Australia-based technology company. We mainly provide software services. From Confluence, a hot SaaS to project management tools like Jira and Trello, to engineering products like Bamboo and Clover.   Market capitalization of 2 billion Atlassian is listed on NASDAQ. The company had a market capitalization of $312 billion as of March 2019. It’s a tremendous growth. Stock Price of Atlassian is here.(Bloomberg) TradingView   TradingView提供によるTEAMチャート   History Here’s a quick rundown of Atlassian’s corporate history.It was established in 2001, so it has a history of nearly 20 years since it was established. Ads2001: Founded Atlassian was founded by Mike Cannon Brooks and Scott Farker in Sydney, Australia. They went to the same university, the University of … Continue reading Meet Atlassian, a company that continues to create hot SaaS services