Autolikes Is An Automated App That Increases Your Twitter and Instagram Followers

  • 2019-06-08 (最終更新:2019-06-09)
  • Marketing

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In this article, we introduce Autolikes, an automated application to increase your followers on Instagram and twitter. I think it’s an application that you can use easily if you have an account that needs to increase followers even by companies, brands and individuals.


How To Register Autolikes

You can register for Autolikes from the official page. The following information is required for registration.

  • Your Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Credit card(Autolikes uses with Stripre)

Once the credit card payment has been completed, the desktop application will be installed. You can also activate it by entering your license key from My Page.

Autolikes costs around ¥1,000

Autolikes is basically a monthly subscription model. It is a rate structure that you can get a discount depending on the number of months of the contract plan. Either plan will cost you between 880 yen and 1,280 yen, so you can say it’s almost free. The hurdle is very low.  

One month free campaign is underway.

In addition, Autolikes is currently running a free month campaign. If you’re not sure, but want to give it a try, it’s a good time because it doesn’t cost you anything.


Autolikes Lets You Grow Your SNS Followers

Let’s take a quick look at how Autolikes increases your follower count. Autolikes is a simple app that automatically likes and follows people who tweet certain keywords or hashtags at the same time they tweet.

Follow and set likes on the following screen.

As SNS users react immediately after posting via Autolikes, it is easy to follow back.

Autolikes gets more followers because you get likes and follows at the hottest moment right after you post.

Follow and release repeatedly

However, it doesn’t mean you keep following or liking someone.

If you wait for a certain period of time and don’t follow back, you can automatically unfollow them again to prevent the number of followers from increasing.


100 followers increase in 1 week

The utility ran an account for testing, and the results were outstanding!

The day after I started using it, the number of followers started to increase. I gained 100 followers in about 1 week! However, there seems to be a lot of room for improvement in the way of operation, so if you tune it well, I think you can target 200 ~ 300 followers in 1 week!

Autlikes Benefits

Briefly summarize the benefits of Autolikes.


Great cost performance!

Based on the pace of testing, I think we can expect to gain 1,000 followers in about 1 month using Autolikes. The monthly fee is 1000 yen, so the following unit price is 1 yen!

I think the cost-performance of 1/300 is very good because the unit price of the following is 150 -300 yen if we advertise on twitter.

If you set it once, it doesn’t take much time.

It’s an automated tool, so you don’t have to set it up once.

Autolikes Considerations

It can’t operate when your PC is closed.

Since Autolikes is a PC application, it basically only works when the PC is on, so it stops when the PC is sleeping. So even though it is an automatic tool, it is necessary to turn on the PC.

And finally

In the early days of Instagram and twitter social accounts, it’s easy to use because you can increase your followers without spending money.

This concludes our introduction to Autolikes.