Backlog, a multifunctional project management tool

  • 2019-04-30 (最終更新:2019-05-20)
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There are only a limited number of one-stop services, including project management, bug management, and version management, both in Japan and overseas. In this article, we introduce Backlog, one of the few Japanese project management tools.



What is Backlog?

Backlog is a project management tool developed by Nulab as a team collaboration tool. It is the largest project management tool in Japan and is used in a wide range of fields, from development to marketing to human resources and general affairs. It has the convenience of being able to use not only the browser but also applications such as iOS and Android in one stop.







Backlog Case Study

Backlog has been used by many Japanese companies. For example, it has been used by many companies such as KDDI, Softbank, Nikkei, docomo, and technology companies such as Adobe.


Backlog Pricing

Here is Backlog’s pricing structure. Backlog has two plans, a cloud plan and an on-premise plan. This entry basically explains the cloud type plan.

There are 4 cloud plans, from 2,400 yen/month starter plan to 50,000 yen/month platinum plan. The main differences are capacity, access restrictions, and support.



Each plan comes with a 30 day free trial period. You don’t need payment information, so you can use it for 30 days to decide whether to sign up or not.


How to register Backlog

Describes how to register Backlog.

You can register for Backlog from the sign-up page below.




You can easily start by entering the name, email address, and password of a space in your project.




From completion of registration to start of use

When the registration of the mail address is completed, a pop-up appears.

Register the project name here. A project key is like a shortcut key for a project.



When you finish inviting members, the following is the main page.



Using Backlog

Once you’ve signed up for Backlog, you can use it for your project.

Backlog is structured as “Project” > “Challenges”. Each task of the project is registered as an assignment. You can assign deadlines and people to assignments.




Add an issue

Add assignments from “Add Issue” to each project. Enter the following information on the task input screen.

Select a Task Type Issue Name, Enter Details Priority Category Deadline Contact Milestone Occurred Version



Once you have added an issue, you can view the status of the issue in the dashboard.

Typically, a project consists of several issues, so you can see the progress of each issue categorized by status and category.





Visualize project progress with a Gantt chart

You can view your assignments in a Gantt chart. You can see the progress of the project at a glance by clicking “Gantt chart” on the main screen.



Backlog External Service Integration

Backlog can work with external services. This service cooperation can promote various efficiency such as notification and schedule adjustment.



The main services that can work together are:.

  • Typetalk: Cacoo: Online Whiteboard Service
  • Slack: Chat Service
  • Chatwork: Chat Service
  • Redmine: Project Management Service
  • Jira: Project Management Service
  • Jenkins: Code Management Service
  • iCal: iOS Calendar
  • CybozuLive: Cybow’s Project Management Tool
  • Google Spreadsheets iOS, Android


Using Backlog as a Wiki Service

Backlog is also available as a wiki tool. Manage your project rules, people, operations manuals, and other stock information in a wiki format.

Headlines and document formatting rules also come with easy-to-understand help, so you can stock up on the know-how in a blog-like experience.

Wiki services are available from the main menu.



Versioning Source Code

Backlog also provides source code versioning. You can use SVN or Git to manage your source code. You can also review the member’s commit history for code review and comment on pull requests from members.



Key things you can do with source code control

  • Key things you can do with source code control
  • Setting Up a Private Repository
  • Managing Development Tasks
  • Source Code Review
  • Reviewing Commit History
  • Comments on Pull Requests


At The End

Backlog’s one-stop experience with everything from team collaboration to source code management is impressive.

How about considering Backlog for various projects?






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