Introducing Related Articles About Confluence, Collaboration Tool.

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This is a summary entry about Confluence, one of the most popular content in Utilities. It includes basic information about Confluence, intermediate to advanced external application integration, etc


About Confluence’s operating company

This entry introduces Atlassian, the company that runs Confluence. Confluence, Trello, Jira , and others.

Meet Atlassian, a company that continues to create hot SaaS services



Basics of using Confluence

Confluence gives you a great overview of what tools you can use.If you want to know what kind of service it is in the first place, please refer to this entry.

Introduction to Confluence, a useful collaboration wiki tool


How to create a Confluence page

Confluence creates pages like a blog. There are various ways to use it such as sharing the created pages and stocking know-how. See below for entries on how to create a page.

How To Create A Page In Confluence



Using Confluence Macros

Confluence has its own formatting features called macros.Macros provide a wide variety of functions, from display efficiency to collaboration with external services.This is a summary of what macros are and how they are used.

Quick And Useful, Confluence macro summary

Google Slide View Integration Macro

This entry describes how to use the macro to display Google slides in Confluence.

How do we show Google Slides etc on a confluence page


Excel View Macros

Learn how to use Roadmap Planner, a macro that allows you to manage your roadmaps with Confluence.

How To Display Excel with Confluence


Roadmap Manageable Macros

Learn how to use Roadmap Planner, a macro that allows you to manage your roadmaps with Confluence.

Using Macros With Confluence for Easier Roadmap Management “Roadmap Planner”


Page Property Macro

This entry introduces you to page properties macros, which are difficult to use at first glance. This macro is easy to use when introducing members of an organization.

How To Use Confluence Page Properties Macro


How to work with external tools

Confluence can use macros and other features to interact with external services.

Collaboration With Trello

The Confluence macro shows how to work with Trello to manage tasks.

Introducing Trello and Confluence Task Management Tools


Collaboration with Jira

By combining the project management tools Jira and Confluence, it is possible to manage both the project management and the stock.

How the collaboration tool Confluence works with the project management tool JIRA


How to Receive Confluence Notifications in Slack

Together, Confluence and Slack let you be notified of Confluence updates in Slack in near real time.

How to integrate Confluence, a popular collaboration service, with Slack, a business chat service


How to Import and Export Confluence Data

Learn how to import and export data at various times, including the transfer of Confluence.


And finally

Confluence has become a very scalable service with a variety of efficiency techniques. We are planning to introduce our highly recommended contents in the future. This concludes our roundup of utility Confluence related entries.






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