How To Create A Page In Confluence

This post is also available in: 日本語 目次 1 Confluence Review2 How To Create Confluence Page2.1 Registering Confluence3 Confluence Structure4 How to create a page4.1 Blank Page4.2 Blog Post4.3 Meeting Minutes4.4 File List4.5 Approval documents4.6 Product Requirements4.7 How To Articles4.8 Other Formats5 Other Page Creation Tips5.1 Modify Permissions5.2 Review History5.3 Organize page structure5.4 Receive an update notification6 At The End AdsConfluence Review Confluence is a wiki tool from Atlassian. Yahoo! It is a stock service of information used by various companies such as JAPAN and GREE. To find out what Confluence is, read the following entry. This entry briefly describes how to create a content page. How To Create Confluence Page   Registering Confluence You can register Confluence from the official page. It comes with a 7-day free trial at first.   AdsConfluence Structure Confluence is basically a structure where “Page” is added into “Space”. You can set the space according to your purpose, such as personal space or team space. It can be structured into more specific information such as “Space > Parent Page > Grandchildren Page”.   How to create a page You can create a page from (Left Hamburger Tab) in the main menu. After you select … Continue reading How To Create A Page In Confluence