Using Macros With Confluence for Easier Roadmap Management “Roadmap Planner”

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This entry introduces a macro “Roadmap Planner” that allows you to easily manage your roadmap with Confluence.

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What You Can Do With Roadmap Planner

Here’s a quick summary of what you can do with Roadmap Planner:.
You can visualize project plan summaries with simple visual and editing.
It is expressed as time axis × lane × bar × marker.
For example:.

Using Roadmap Planner

Here’s how to use the Roadmap Planner add-on to make your road map easier to use on the Confluence page.
How do you make a page in the first place? Hit the link below to check it out.

Find in Macro

Open in the upper right of the page creation screen, and click “Miscellaneous Macros” at the bottom.
This brings up the following macro selection modal:.
Type “Roadmap Planner” into the upper left modal search box. You need to be careful because it won’t be hit by an Excel in Katakana. (You don’t have to put all the letters, it comes out as a partial match.)


Set Time

Set the time in the upper right. The time can be selected as Month or Week. You can set any time period.

Add Lane

You can add any area of the vertical axis called a lane. You can add and remove lanes, drag and drop them, color them, and rename them.

Add Bar

Bars are content that represents specific actions, etc. You can also add, delete, and change bars intuitively.


Add Marker

You can add a marker to draw a line at a specific time period. You can also change the name, color, and position of the markers.

At The End

I think Roadmap Planner is a Confluence macro that makes your work easier by making it simple and intuitive. This completes the Roadmap Planner entry.