What is Content Marketing? Introduce content marketing mechanisms and tools

  • 2019-12-16 (最終更新:2021-02-08)
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Content marketing is a marketing method that uses a variety of content, such as content from around the world, social networking sites, and email, to enhance user engagement and build a medium- to long-term, highly loyal relationship. This article introduces you to content marketing and includes tools to help you with content marketing.

Organize content marketing

Content marketing is a way of doing things, and it’s essentially a way of creating and delivering content. You may want to organize them into the following items.

  • WHY: Purpose. What do you do it for? What good will it bring?
  • WHO: Who are you targeting?
  • WHAT: What should I say?
  • HOW: How do you deliver?



The first thing you need is a goal. By sorting out why you need to do that, your actions and measures won’t be blurred. For example, we organize upstream objectives such as acquiring new customers, preventing customers from leaving, and getting customers to buy other products.

Some common purposes include:.

  • To increase the number of new inquiries
  • To increase the unit price of existing customers
  • To prevent existing customers from leaving
  • In order to cross-sell another product

WHO: Who Should You Deliver To?

Once the purpose is sorted out, the target to be delivered is also sorted out. In many cases, the purpose and the recipient are considered as a set, so it may be better to think about it while going back and forth between WHO and WHO. For example, when the purpose is defined, such as “Have dormant customers experience the service again”, “Enroll as a new customer”, “Cross-sell to loyal users among existing ones”, and “Get potential customers to know the name of the service”, the recipient is necessarily decided.

Examples of common audiences include:.

  • potential customer
  • dormant customer
  • Users who have been on the service for less than a week
  • trial user
  • loyal users who use it daily

WHAT: What to say

What is the best way to reach that goal? However, there is no exact order here, so we will decide by going back and forth between WHO and WHAT. In the WHAT example, “The service actually tells you that the cost performance is good.” or “It looks difficult at first glance, but it’s actually very easy.” or a claim that hits a potential consciousness before reaching a target need or need.

HOW: How do you deliver it?

Finally, we consider how to deliver it. In this phase, the output of the content is almost determined. For example, “Communicate the smoothness of services by creating videos” “Create SNS campaigns to increase connections”.

Key methods often used for content marketing include:.

  • YouTube and other video channels
  • SNS account management such as twitter
  • Create Glossary
  • management of own media
  • Marketing Email
  • direct mail
  • novelty distribution


Content Marketing Benefits


It is an asset based stock policy.

The advantage of content marketing is in stock. Stock is a term used to describe the characteristics of assets that accumulate over the medium to long term. For example, a digital advertisement like SEM attracts more customers during its execution, but once it is stopped, it does not attract customers through SEM. This is a typical flow technique. On the other hand, fans who worked hard to create SNS will never become zero once they quit. In this way, there are advantages to content marketing in terms of building brand assets over the medium to long term.

If you have an idea, you can start at a low cost.

It doesn’t cost hundreds of millions of dollars like TV commercials. If you have an idea, you can start without going out and spending a lot of money.


Disadvantages of Content Marketing

There is no immediate effect.

The disadvantages of content marketing are basically the reverse of the advantages. Basically, there is no immediate effect, and we are determined to implement it over the medium to long term. For example, you rarely become a big fan with just one email, and you often need to keep up a steady stream of communication.

resource intensive

I mentioned that there is no external cost, but planning and operation require time and effort (= Internal Cost). Good content is difficult to produce in a short period of time, and it is gradually built by tuning in the context of relationships with users and consumers.

Main content marketing measures

Here are the main content marketing initiatives. The content is similar to “HOW: How do you deliver it?” in the content marketing arrangement mentioned above.

Owned Media

By running Owned Media, we will mainly respond to consumers’ search needs. If you can successfully match your search needs, you will get a continuous organic influx. As long as we do not operate in a risky manner, organic inflows will continue over the medium to long term, resulting in an increase in new acquisitions.

Site Content

Enhance conversion rates for visitors to your site by refining content within your site, including existing customer success stories, customer voices, terminology and white papers. It can also have a positive effect on SEO.



By effectively refining the contents of SNS such as twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, we can create fans and communities and build long-term relationships.

CRM Mail

We will increase the recall rate by continuously communicating with customers and prospects who have already obtained e-mail addresses. There is a high probability that customers will be chosen when they start to consider the product specifically.


Skills needed to conduct content marketing

Various skills are required to carry out the above-mentioned content marketing. Here’s a quick rundown:.

  • SEO Skills
  • Writing articles and other text content skills
  • Skills in creating video
  • skill in creating still images and other visuals
  • Operation skills of SNS
  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) skills

If you can’t get these skills in-house, you’ll need tools and external teams to help. Here are some services that can help you with content marketing:.


Services to support content marketing

Here are some of the tools and services that can help with content marketing.

Word Press (CMS Tools)

WordPress stands for Content Management System (Contents Management System). CMS is a tool that allows you to easily manage websites without complex code implementation. Many corporate sites, media and blogs use WordPress. WordPress is basically free, and you can create a more user-friendly site by interweaving a layout template called a theme and feature add-ons called plugins.

Check out the article below to see how to create a wordpress site.

Creating WordPress Media on the GoogleCloudPlatform (GDP)


ferret One(CMS Tool)

Feret One is a CMS service that provides one-stop website management mainly for B-to-B. Simple site building, numerical analysis, and the creation of updated content can be solved with a single ferret One.

Sagoo Works: Lighting Specialized Sourcing Services

SagooWorks is a writing focused crowdsourcing service operated by Willgate, an SEO consulting company. You can find content writers such as own media and blogs. You can read more about the article agency service in this article.

Useful for media and blog publishers! Summary of article substitution services


Salesforce Marketing Cloud: CRM Tools

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a marketing automation tool (Common Name: MA Tool) provided by Salesforce. From managing prospects to automating the delivery of e-mail scenarios to customers, this service is a valuable tool in the CRM space.


KARTE is the marketing automation tool operating by PLAID Inc. Analysing site visitor information with setting tags on clients web site, KARTE can automatically respond to each visitor’s needs.


Crevo: Cloud Video Production

Crevo is a crowdsourced video production service. You can assign a video creator and proceed the production according to the purpose such as animation movie or live action movie. It can produce video content faster and cheaper than conventional video production companies.

Repro App:APP CRM Tool

By simply implementing Repro, you can analyze user behavior within the app and provide push notifications and appropriate communication to specific users. It is a CRM service for application with analysis and communication.

Kaizen Platform:AB Testing Tool

Kaizen Platform is a service that allows you to crowdsource the network of growth hackers and creators who conduct AB testing and then perform AB testing on actual sites. This excellent service allows AB testing of site content as a set.

Socialdog:twitter operation management tool

Socialdog is a multifunctional twitter operation management tool. In addition to analyzing twitter accounts, managing content distribution on twitter is very easy. Also, you can manage the operation of twitter anytime and anywhere because it is provided not only on the website but also in an application.

You can read more about Socialdog here.

Introducing SocialDog, a versatile and easy-to-use twitter operation tool


And finally,

“Although content marketing is a very profound measure, we believe that the presence of a wide variety of services has created an environment in which we can implement various measures.”. This concludes the introduction of the content marketing framework and the various tools and services that support the execution of content marketing.