Formrun, a free inquiry form tool, is awesome!

  • 2019-07-06 (最終更新:2019-08-12)
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When you start a service such as blog or media with Word Press, you will see an inquiry form as a task.

It’s not a heavy task, but it’s still a bit tedious when you include things like configuration.

In this post, we’ll introduce formrun, a handy tool to help you get around this problem.


About formrun

formrun is a free inquiry form service.

In addition to the contact form, it is a convenient tool for customer management.


Rich track record, especially in ventures and startups

Formrun already has many achievements, mainly in venture companies.

As of July 2019, 22,000 users were using it, which means it’s growing fast.

Benefits of formrun

Let’s look at the benefits of formrun.

You can make an inquiry form for free!

The big advantage of formrun is that you can create an inquiry form for free.

You can register from the following:.



The design is beautiful!

In addition to the actual display, the design of formrun including the editing screen is very beautiful and easy to use.

The good design award from 2018 shows the usability.


You don’t have to install it!

For example, if you want to create a contact form in Word Press, you’ll probably need to install a WordPress plugin, but formrun lets you set up a contact form in the cloud without the hassle of installing or configuring it.


Formrun offers a wealth of templates


formrun has a wealth of templates.

Just choose the template that most closely matches your business or service.

There are a wide variety of templates, with over 20 available.



  • Inquiries regarding products and services
  • Apply for an event seminar
  • entry to the competition
  • Application for a trial lesson
  • Member Registration
  • Requesting a Job
  • Service Reservations
  • Request for quotation
  • Catalog Billing
  • Apply for a campaign
  • mid-career entry
  • new graduate recruitment entry
  • sales management
  • satisfaction survey
  • Notification of defects in products and services
  • Feedback to web services and applications
  • Subscribe to the mail magazine
  • Download materials
  • Demo Video Guide
  • Inquiries about interviews, etc.

Formrun makes editing intuitive!

It is very intuitive to use because you can change the order and edit the text by drack-and-drop while imagining the finished version.


Just paste the code and it will be reflected on the page.

When your form design is complete, you can quickly reflect it by pasting HTML code onto the page.

Even in the case of word press, it can be reflected instantly.


Easy customer management!

formrun is very useful for customer management.

In addition to the Kanban method of visualizing the status of the response to inquiries, this system allows for fine-tuned customer management, including assignment of contacts.


formrun pricing structure

Describes the formrun pricing structure.

Basically, it’s free, but if you need more advanced features or support, there’s a paid plan.

It is 12000 yen per month for the professional with the highest plan.

Using formrun

Let’s take a quick look at using formrun.

How to register formrun

You can register formrun here.

You can register by email address, password and name.

You can also connect it to your Google account.

Create Form

Once the registration is completed, we will move on to the creation of the form.

Below is my page.



Click [Create New Form] on the right side of My Page.

You can choose between easy creation with Form Creator or original creation with HTML/CSS.



This entry introduces [Easily created by a form creator].


A variety of templates are displayed, so choose one you like.

I will select [Questions regarding products and services] this time.


Move on to the form creation screen.

The menu list is shown on the left and the completed form is shown on the right.

If you turn on the mouse, you can edit the text.

In the menu tab on the left, you can freely change the style of the cover image and coloring.

When the design is complete, click [Save] in the upper right corner.

Then, [Page Published] is displayed.

You can now access the URL.

Form setting by WordPress

If you want to set up an inquiry form for Word Press, click [iframe embedded form].

Follow the procedure for setting.

  1. Copy the displayed script
  2. Created a new [Fixed Page] by word press.
  3. Insert the HTML code in the fixed page of word press. Paste the copied code here.
  4. Copy URL of fixed page of word press
  5. Paste to formrun’s [Set Form URL]
  6. Click [updating] to complete

If you take a look at the published page, you can see that it is reflected.

It’s really easy!

Let’s test it.

it is necessary to verify that the settings are correct.

Be sure to test it.

I will try to fill in the test mail address.

When I pressed [Send], Thanksgiving page appeared.

The request seems to be flying normally.

Query task appears in My Page!

The test query task appears in My Page.

My Page’s layout is “Kanban system” and it’s like moving to the right as you move through tasks.

If you want to know more about the Kanban system, please read this article.




Click the contact list to reply directly from there.

It’s very convenient around here.

You can easily set the person in charge and the status.

This is how formrun is used.

Honestly, it is very easy to use.

The utility’s inquiry form is formrun.

We look forward to your inquiry.


And finally,

This concludes our introduction to formrun.

This product is highly usable and highly recommended.


Utility is a medium for introducing useful services for work such as formrun.

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