List of services you should sign up for if you’re a freelancer or parallel worker.

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If you’re a freelance engineer, designer, marketing, or writer, or you’re looking to work in parallel or on a side job, you should sign up first.

Various ways of working

You may have requests for various ways of working, such as “I want to work once a week.” or “I want to work hard for a short time.”.


Introduction to Services

There are various services based on the way of working, specialized area, and concept.

You may want to sign up for services that you feel match.




Workship is a registered skill sharing service operated by GIG Inc. First of all, the outline is that you register in the workshop and apply for the project you like. You can choose to work X times a week or join a spot project and focus on a short period of time.


matching expertise

The areas of specialization that will be matched in the Workship are areas of specialization such as design, marketing, engineering, human resources, public relations, and finance.


Major clients and industries

Workship is strong in the digital industry. There are many companies such as Recruit, mixi, JAL and Dwango on the website.


Crowdworks is one of the largest freelance registration sites in Japan. Its strength is that it has 2.7 million registered users and 2.5 million work requests and the scale is overwhelmingly large. You can get various information by registering first. We offer a full range of support services, such as a freelance work center, to help you with your problems.


Expertise you need

Crowdworks has so many different deals that we can offer you skills in almost any area of expertise. Engineers, writers, marketing, public relations, human resources, project management, etc.


Like Crowdworks, Lancers is one of the largest freelance registration sites in Japan. The Lancers have over 2 million listings, which is by far the most popular, so if you’re looking for a freelance job, you can find it in almost any genre.



Expertise you need

There are various issues such as designer, marketing, customer support, growth hacking, media design and analysis.




FREENANCE is a freelancer-friendly financing service.

Once you register, you can purchase an invoice (technically called accounts receivable) for your work and transfer the money to your bank account as soon as possible “Freelance same-day payment”.

It has become a topic of conversation for its unique services such as “safety compensation” to prevent accidents at work.


Buy bills and pay immediately

For example, in general, you send an invoice to a client and it is transferred to the next month.

FREENANCE is a revolutionary service that enables you to transfer funds to a registered bank account as soon as possible by applying for a “immediate payment” for the invoice. Quickly fund invoices (Accounts receivable) to help improve cash flow.




Marketer-Specific Services

KAIKOKU is a support platform operated by BLAM Co., Ltd. In particular, it specializes in supporting parallel work by digital marketers.

Find where you are with the marketer score

KAIKOKU is a service that specializes in marketing, so we understand marketing skills very precisely. Nearly 100 questions will be asked, including marketing expertise and working methods. Those who specialize in marketing will be able to make the most of their uniqueness.


VISASQ is a spot consulting service for businesses. If you register your expertise, you will receive a call request from a matching company. I do consulting.

No need for interviews, etc. Available in idle time

VISASQ features face to face and phone uptime. We don’t interview companies in advance and match them. You can coordinate your schedule with your client company to get up and running.


Key Points for Deal Acquisition

The key points of VISASQ are “Enhancing Your Profile” and “Register Experience”.

If you fill in the details of what kind of strength you have, the number of requests will increase.


The unit price of the project is 15,000 yen.

The average VISASQ deal price is 15,000 JPY. It would be very good if the person who is good at it would be rewarded with high remuneration.


You can find more information about VISASQ in the following entry.



Street Academy

Street Academy is a workplace for learning. If you have the skill to be taught, you “teacher registration”. I think you can see the whole picture by checking the popularity ranking and popular classrooms of the category about what kind of skill is actually needed.

Street Academy Unit Price

Street Academy offers a wide range of compensation, ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 yen. A popular lecture can have over 100 students, so it depends on your skill.


SkillShift is a community focused side project platform. As a client, you can provide solutions from your expertise without changing jobs or moving. There are various job openings such as public relations, marketing, and project manager.




And finally,

Freelance and side business platforms offer a wide variety of services by focusing on concepts and targets. Please take advantage of your expertise to win the project.