Delivery in as little as 15 minutes!? Gengo, a high-quality online translation service

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In this entry, we introduce the translation service “Gengo” which is always useful in the scene of sudden translation.

For example, we need to translate Japanese materials into English, launch an English version of the service, and so on. I think the scenes of thinking about translation services in daily business are increasing year by year.


Register Gengo

You can register for the online translation service Gengo from the service page below.



Gengo Pricing

The Gengo pricing structure is charged per delivery. For delivery, “Supported languages (Major or rare languages)” “Expertise (Everyday or specific field)” becomes a variable and the unit price per 1 character is determined. The standard plan is mainly for casual sentences and daily conversation translations and is priced at 5 yen per letter. For example, it costs 5,000 yen to write an article with 1000 letters. The premium plan is a translation specialized in a specific field, so the price per letter will nearly double the standard, and it will be 9 yen per letter.



Translation Services Challenges

Translation services have several challenges and hurdles to overcome.

  • It’s hard to find a translator in the first place. Take a long time
  • I don’t know the quality of the translator.
  • Translation is slow
  • feeling that the price is high, but I am reluctant to make an estimate.

Because of the above reasons, it is difficult to ask unless you know someone, or you are reluctant to ask suddenly.



How To Use Gengo

Gengo has several features that address these translation challenges.

I will let you know by referring to the actual request screen.


You can request a translation online immediately. You can also copy and paste.

Gengo allows you to request a translation online immediately. It takes less than 5 minutes to make a request (Of course, if you make a smooth decision,).

Copy and paste the text or upload the file as follows:.

37 Languages

After uploading the text, you can choose the language. It is available in 37 languages.

Gengo is available in 37 languages, including English. It basically covers the world’s major languages.

If you select a supported language, the text count will be completed and the estimate will be completed at this point.

It’s really fast.

Continue to select content types. At this point, we will improve the matching accuracy with translators who are strong in specific fields. You can also choose about quality assurance.

When you finish selecting various items, register the credit card and place an order, it’s done. It’s pretty easy.

On the Thank you page, the approximate time until the translation is completed is displayed. That’s kind of you.

You can view the list of issues that you are requesting in the Dashboard.

You can see at a glance whether a translator is working or recruiting.

You will receive a notice from the translator when the product is delivered. If there is no problem with the delivery, we will approve and close the project. If you have any questions about the translation, the translator will send you a chat. It is almost stress-free as chat is completed on the dashboard.



That’s all for online translation service Gengo.

I think this service is very attractive because it is very easy and you can request translation quickly.