How To Use Google Analytics For Marketing

This post is also available in: 日本語 目次 1 Introduction2 Blog, Media and Site management questions3 What is Google Analytics?4 How to set up Google Analytics4.1 The first step is to log in to Google.4.2 Google Analytics Application4.3 Installation of a tracking code4.4 Place between <head></head>4.5 Operation check5 How To Use Google Analytics5.1 How to read the screen5.2 Definition of words6 Frequently Used Conventions6.1 User Explorer6.2 Segment function6.3 Benchmark6.4 Referrer / Media6.5 Site Content6.6 Site operator7 And finally, AdsIntroduction     Here’s how Google Analytics works, an essential tool for website analytics and marketing. U-TILLY will introduce the point of the acupressure point.     Blog, Media and Site management questions In the marketing of services and products, we attract customers to our website and our home. It is essential to promote actions such as registering and purchasing from the website, but I think various questions will arise in the operation.   How many people are on the page in the first place? What kind of people are on the page? Which page is being viewed? Is the number of people who come to the page decreasing or increasing? Which page is more profitable? What is the ratio between advertising … Continue reading How To Use Google Analytics For Marketing