10 free services you’ll definitely want to use when you start marketing

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In this post, we’ll introduce you to some of the free tools you’ll want to include whenever you start a new service, media, or blog, or do some serious marketing.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an access analysis tool provided by Google. Almost all logs generated by the service can be captured, so various analyses and analyses can be performed. In addition, the dashboard is easy to see and is ideal for reviewing each indicator.

Four Metrics From Google Analytics

Google Analytics is capable of analyzing four major metrics.

    1. User metrics: number of users, attributes (Demographic Interest, Terminals and Other Technologies), logs
    2. Traffic metrics: traffic channels, referrers, organic and ad traffic
    3. Behavioral Indicators: PV by Content, Site Speed, Revenue Indicators
    4. Conversion Indicators: Goal Flow, Attribution

User metrics: number of users, attributes (Demographic Interest, Terminals and Other Technologies), logs
Traffic metrics: traffic channels, referrers, organic and ad traffic
Behavioral Indicators: PV by Content, Site Speed, Revenue Indicators
Conversion Indicators: Goal Flow, Attribution

Getting Started with Google Analytics

Getting started with Google Analytics is simple. First of all, you need a Google account to use Google services like Google Analytics.

If you don’t have a Google account, create one first.

Once you’ve created your Google account, you can start adding site information to Google Analytics from:.

Google Analytics

  1. Create a Google Account
  2. Enter site information
  3. Set up tracking tag

Google SearchConsole

Google Search Console is primarily designed to help you track and manage Google search results. Especially when working with SEO, this is a tool you should definitely use.

What You Can Do in the Search Console

The search console lets you do a lot of things with Google search, but here are some typical uses:.

  • Analyze search keywords
  • Analyze search rankings
  • Health checks in the context of site content
  • Understand the structure with a site map

Work with Google Analytics

It also works with Google Analytics. This makes it easier to improve in search context.


Getting Started with the Search Console

You can start the search console by connecting your account from this page. There are several ways to get started, such as filling tags in your site or working with Google Analytics. Please refer to the above page for details.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a tag management tool. Embedding the tag manager once in your site makes it easy to work with a variety of other tags. For example, you have to embed tags in both Facebook and Twitter ads. Deploying them one by one can be a lot of work, and, in the worst case, mis implementing them can affect service operations.


Getting Started with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is free and available here. Embedding the tag in the page completes the configuration.

What You Can Do With Google Tag Manager

There are many things you can do with tags in the tag manager. Mainly, you can:.

  • Easily tag sites with dashboard
  • Can version sites
  • Preview before publishing
  • More detailed analysis is possible by setting up events on the site.

Google Data Portal(GDP)

Google Data Portal is a business intelligence tool that allows you to visualize various numbers.

What You Can Do with Google Data Portal

With GDP, you can create a dashboard. For example, you can quote data from Google Analytics, from a database, or from any Google spreadsheet. You can create your own dashboard.

Getting Started with the Google Data Portal

Log in from this page. For example, just like Google Spreadsheets, you can create your own sheet and fill it with data. Then you can create a very clean and easy to see dashboard like this:.

Google Optimize

Google Optimize is an AB testing tool from Google.  

There’s also a free version that allows you to test up to five site improvements. The paid version is called Optimize 360.

Using Google Optimize

You’ll need a Google account to use Optimize.

If you have a Google account, you can get started by posting a Google Optimize tag on your homepage.

Check out our guide to using Google Optimize.


What We Can Do With Google Optimize

AB test

Google Optimize can do site AB testing as described above. In addition to the AB test, you can perform a redirect test and a server-side test on a multivariate basis.

Visual Editor

You can edit elements without having to rewrite the code for your site. For example, you can quickly edit text and content images and their layouts.


You can customize tests with user attributes, URLs, user lists, and so on.


SocialDog is a free Twitter account management tool.

How to register SocialDog

You can register SocialDog here. Just connect your twitter account and you can use it right away.


What We Can Do With SocialDog

SocialDog’s strength is that you can do almost everything you need to run your twitter account smoothly. For example, you can:.

  • Tweet Analysis
  • Reservation Posting Function
  • Proxy Follower Management
  • Account Analysis

Facebook Business Manager

F Facebook Business Manager can manage Facebook’s business. Specifically, you can manage Facebook fan pages, run Facebook ads (Web and apps), and analyze Facebook pages.

How To Register Facebook Business Manager

You can register for Facebook Business Manager from this page. You need a Facebook account.

Similar Web

Similar Web is a data analysis tool. In addition, it is a revolutionary tool that can analyze pages not only from your company but also from competing sites.

The published APIs and proprietary algorithms allow you to enter the URL of a competing service and get a lot of competitive information, including the page’s PV, UU, and whether or not it’s running an ad.

Get More Useful With Chrome Extensions

SimilarWeb is very useful with the Chrome extension.

You can check the capabilities of a page by simply visiting the site you want to investigate.


miro is an online whiteboard tool. You can use miro to brainstorm projects and organize service leads.

You can find more details on how to use miro in the following post.



Lighthouse is a quality auditing tool for web services. Simply copy and paste the URL of your homepage into Lighthouse to audit metrics such as page speed and SEO completeness.

How To Use Lighthouse

Lighthouse is an extension to Google Chrome that you can install from the Chrome store below.

Chrome Web Store

Just open the page in Chrome, click the Lighthouse icon, and select “Generate report” to check the quality of the page.

At The End

I think I can do enough work because the service for marketing is free. I think you can increase the marketing effectiveness if you use it well when you start marketing. This entry is completed.

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