Better than Google Translate!? Machine Learning Automated Translation Service “Mirai Translate”

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What translation service do you use?

You may encounter situations where you need to translate in your personal or professional life.

There are cases where you need to look up the meaning of English words a little on a case-by-case basis. There are also cases where you want to translate sentences quickly, and there are cases where you need to translate a set of materials.


Major Translation Services

  • Request directly from the translator
  • Request translators via translation agents
  • Use crowdsourcing, etc.: Crowdworks, etc.
  • Use online translation services: Gengo, etc.
  • Use automated translation services: Google Translate, Mirai Translate, etc.



Gengo is an online translation service that makes it easy to request and exchange translations.

You can read more about Gengo in Utilities.



As for crowdsourcing, we introduce two major services in Japan, Crowdworks and Lancers.



Automated translation services are evolving

For large documents and important documents, it is the least common to ask a translator to translate them. However, there are many cases where you don’t know who to ask and how to ask, and you are worried about how much the market price is.

This article introduces the automated translation service “Mirai Translate”.

Machine translation is poor quality! You may have an impression like that, but Mirai Translate is proud of the high quality that overturns that impression.



What is automated translation service “Mirai Translate”?

Mirai Translate is a translation service that uses machine learning technology.

It is run by a company called “Mirai Translate Co., Ltd.”.



Let’s use the free use first.

Mirai Translate has a free “Try Translation” feature.

How accurate the translation is should be tried here first.

The following 9 languages are available for trial translation.

  • Japanese
  • English
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • German
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Russian


It’s intuitive to use, so there’s no need to explain it, but when you put the original text in it, the translation comes out immediately.

Services provided by Mirai Translate

Mirai Translate offers 3 main services:.

The point is that it’s a machine translation, not a human translator.

  • Mirai Translator: Machine Translation Services for Documents
  • Mirai Translate Platform Voice API Services: Cloud API Services for Vendors
  • Language Professional Services: Specialized Machine Translation Services for Individual Tuning



Mirai Translator, the most basic service, seems to offer a free 14 day trial, so you might want to try it out.

Tips for Efficient Machine Translation

If you are a human translator, you will be able to adjust the translation according to your intention by understanding the background of the culture and making detailed orders, but can you tune the machine translation as well?

The conclusion is “Yes” but here are some tips for using machine translation more efficiently.



write the original as short as possible

Writing the original text as short as possible is the key to a highly accurate translation.


For example, even if you try to convey the same contents, the translation accuracy will change a lot.

It’s hard to read even in Japanese.

write the subject and object clearly

One thing that can be done to improve translation accuracy is to write the subject and object clearly.

In Japanese, even if you don’t know the subject or object, you can understand it in context, but in English, there are more cases where you can’t.

It will be a little mechanical, but by clarifying the subject and the object, the translation will have less misinterpretation.



Use custom dictionaries to reduce unknown words as much as possible

Mirai Translate has a custom dictionary feature.

Frequent words and phrases whose intentions vary depending on how they are used are added to the user dictionary to improve learning and translation accuracy.


And finally,

If you can translate efficiently by machine learning, you will be more efficient in your life and work.

If I use Mirai Translate, I can reduce the burden of multilingual translation at once.

This concludes our article on Mirai Translate.