Introducing Miro, a convenient online whiteboard service

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In this article, we introduce how to use Miro, which is extremely popular among creators and businessmen, as an online whiteboard. Originally it was called Realtime Board, but recently the service name was changed to miro.


What We Can Do With Miro

First, let’s take a quick look at what you can do with miro.

In a nutshell, miro is an online whiteboard. In other words, you can do various things on the whiteboard with miro.

The main uses are as follows, but the ideas will spread.

  • brainstorming: wrapping and organizing diagrams and arranging order
  • *Mind maps: branching ideas like mind maps and decision trees
  • *Simple service blueprint: wires, notes, etc.
  • *Idea Notepad: free to write down ideas
  • *Presentations: especially those that require visu

miro’s Pricing

I will briefly introduce the price plan.

Can be done for free

You can use Miro for free even if it’s not a paid plan. Here’s how it works for free:.

It can be said that it is very conscientious.

Up to 3 boards with up to 100 MB of data


About paid plans

Paid plans are $10/month for unlimited use. Select a personal plan and a team plan. The changes compared to free are:.

  • Unlimited use of the board
  • *Capacity up to 3GB
  • *Boards can be exported: PDF, images
  • *Have access to video chat

How To Register miro

First, let’s register with miro. Go to the official page.


Enter the address in “Work email address”.

You can use it by entering your name, email and password, and agreeing to various policies.
You can also register with Google, Facebook, Slack, and Microsoft accounts.

A 6-digit authentication number has arrived at the email address. If you go to miro from the mail text and enter the authentication number, the account registration is completed.

The team setup screen appears. Enter the team name, company size, and so on.

A teammate invitation pops up, so if you have an invitation, you can just invite it. You can click Skip if you do not need it.

Finally, we move to the main page. When the whiteboard template comes out, it’s done.

How To Use miro

Now, let’s use Miro. I will make it from my page.

Basically, it’s a whiteboard called “BOARD” where you add various ideas. For boards, samples such as “mind map”, “Castamagjani”, “Kanban”, “Workflows” and “Roadmap” are available depending on the purpose.

I’ll try making “mind map”.

From the above template, you can do the following:.

Basically, you can operate it intuitively. The main menu is on the left.

I think it will be easier to understand that “Oh, it moves like this.” when you try to type characters or drag and drop.

Next time, I will try to put a Fusen.

If you want to put together images and feelings that come to mind by color, you can improvise grouping. You can select the paper balloon from the fourth menu from the top.

As you can see above, the great thing about miro is that you can intuitively figure out almost anything by just trying it out.

various miro templates

In addition to the mind map and Fusen mentioned above, there are a variety of templates available for Miro depending on the purpose. It is introduced in digest.

Kanban Board

Kanban Board. It can be used like a whiteboard.

Add processes. You can move the fringe freely. You can assign a person in charge by adding “@”

Lean canvas

There is also a Lean Canvas template if you want to quickly validate your business model in a startup or new business.

Customer Journey Map

There is a template that you can make a Journey map of the service with one shot.

Conceptual Map

A concept analysis can also be a template that indicates user divergence.


You can create a roadmap with action items on the vertical axis and time series on the horizontal axis.

There are more than a few dozen templates, and you may find them interesting. You can select freely from the template selection screen.

You can zoom in and out by focusing on the board. It’s like an endless whiteboard.

Add-on Other Application

There are many external application with miro. It helps you work more efficiency.

At The End

This is the end of the article introducing online whiteboard service miro.





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