Useful for remote work! 8 Out-of-the-Box Remote Work Support Tools

  • 2020-02-20 (最終更新:2020-03-15)
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Due to the impact of COVIT -19, companies continue to see news of an emergency switch to remote work. In this article, we will pick out services that are useful for remote work. You can find links to related articles about each service.

Tools to help with meetings

It is almost essential for business, but it is a meeting including big and small. Online teleconferences replace meetings in conference rooms. In this article, we introduce ZOOM and Whereby which you can participate in a conference with a single link.


ZOOM is an online video conferencing tool that has become popular in recent years. The advantage of ZOOM is that you can easily video conference by sharing a link with conference participants. Also, compared to other video conferencing tools, the high quality sound is a strong point. You’ll need to install the ZOOM app on your PC for the first time, but once it’s installed, you’ll be able to hold meetings with just a link.

  • Easily join a meeting with a URL
  • Sound quality does not deteriorate with large number of participants.
  • Be able to share screens
  • Can record on the screen

Introducing ZOOM, A Convenient Video Chat Tool



Whereby can also hold meetings with a single link. As for Whereby, you can participate in a conference without installing it in advance, so even if you are not used to online conferences, it is very easy to use. Whereby also offers basic video conferencing features like screen sharing and multi-person sharing.

  • No need to pre-install apps
  • Easily join a meeting with a URL
  • Be able to share screens

You don’t need to register for a video conference! Using the video chat tool




miro is an online whiteboard tool. Like writing an idea on a whiteboard in a conference room, you can use miro as a whiteboard to proceed with a meeting. Miro offers a variety of conference support formats, including mind maps, labels, and more. For example, you can connect a video conference with ZOOM and brainstorm with miro. You can use miro intuitively, so I recommend you to touch it once.

  • Organize ideas like a whiteboard
  • More formats for meeting support such as mind maps and reminders
  • be available both in the browser and in apps

Introducing Miro, a convenient online whiteboard service


Task Management Tools

When you’re online, you need task management. Trello is an intuitive, kanban drag-and-drop app, and toggl is a great time manager for tasks and projects.


Trello is a specialized tool for task management. Trello can be used to move tasks from left to right like a kanban. It syncs with a PC demo smartphone app, so you can register tasks as soon as you think of them and manage them quickly. You can create a “Project Board” for each project. Also, you can invite other users to the board, so you can use it individually or as a team.


  • Kanban style task management
  • Can also be used to manage team projects
  • Can sync between devices such as PCs and apps

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toggl is a timer app that allows you to manage your tasks and projects. When you want to visualize how many hours you worked remotely, you can turn on the timer for the work hours to accurately measure the work hours. If you install the Google Chrome extension, toggl can track your time in seconds without going to the toggl site. It also syncs with smartphone apps, so you can track time in a variety of cases.

  • Easier time management for projects and tasks

Use Toggl to manage work time efficiently!


Business Automation

Learn about tools that promote online communication. In particular, it is introduced in the context of automation.



Slack is a chat tool that lets you do a lot of things together. By creating channels, we can communicate according to the purpose. One of the big features of Slack is its command function, which allows you to freely set up connections with external services and individual reminders. By taking advantage of these features, you can avoid unnecessary communication. These auxiliary functions can improve the efficiency of remote work.

  • Work with external tools to increase productivity
  • can be automated using the command

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Zapier can connect various web services to create your own workflow. For example, when you update a spreadsheet, you can automatically notify related members of the update completion on the Slack channel, or you can automate things like putting emails from a specific address into a list in a spreadsheet.

  • Create your own workflow by linking various web services
  • Automate a lot of chores

Make Your Work More Efficient With Zapier


Security is the key to remote work. Some companies, in particular, can only manage passwords through desktop apps in the office. LastPass is an account management tool.


LastPass uses advanced encryption to keep your ID/PASS secure, but you can manage it on any device, whether it’s a browser or an app. Once you’ve memorized your ID password, LastPass will automatically enter your ID/PASS the next time you log into the service, saving you the trouble of copying and pasting your ID/PASS.

  • Manage IDs and passwords in bulk
  • Sync via app or browser
  • Automatically enter your ID and password

Meet LastPass, a service that lets you easily manage passwords from your phone or computer



These useful tools will help you work more efficiently remotely. Check out the full post for more details. U-TILLY offers a number of useful business tools, including the ones we’ve covered. Please take a look around.

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