What is SFA? Differentiation from MA and CRM and key SFA solutions

  • 2019-12-16 (最終更新:2020-01-03)
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What you can do with SFA

SFA has made a significant contribution to the management and efficiency of sales activities. SFA stands for Sales Force Automation and is often expressed as sales support system in Japanese. For example, it is a tool that supports efficient sales activities using data such as visualization of sales processes, business card management of business partners, and lead training. One of the best known services is Salesforce tools.


Specific Benefits of SFA

  • Customer management using data
  • Data management such as customer visit history
  • Manage communications between internal sales representatives and customers
  • Loyalty of customers through step mail, etc.
  • visualization of sales progress

What is different from CRM?

The key word in a similar context to SFA is CRM. What is the difference between SFA and CRM?

What Is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It refers to the overall approach to managing customer relationship building. It refers to customer management in a broad sense including not only BtoB area but also BtoC area. CRM covers the entire process of managing customer data, labeling customers, and communicating appropriately with labeled customers.The difference from SFA is that SFA is specialized in sales and its own sales process management is in scope. CRM, on the other hand, refers to a broad customer management and relationship building process.


What is MA?

MA stands for Marketing Automation, which is the automation part of customer management in CRM in a broad sense. Also, when the keyword MA is used, BtoC is often assumed in many cases.

Basic Features Of SFA

I mentioned that SFA is a support function for sales activities, but what kind of function does it have?

Customer & Deal Management

Basically, case management in sales activities is tied to customers. You can manage the project activity by which company, department, and role the customer is in, and when the contact was made and the result was positive or negative. In many cases, you’ll want to organize your customers more effectively by assigning them labels that reflect their company, such as “large customers” or “New Referral Customers”.

Sales Process Management

Next is the process management of sales. The sales process refers to sales tasks and schedule management. For example, I think it is easy to understand if you say it is the process management of sales activities such as “There is a proposal on X.” or “The next action is to send the application by X/Z”.

internal reporting management of sales

For example, we can efficiently manage internal reporting for sales such as daily reports and weekly reports.

visualization of sales data

This is the true essence of SFA, and it is possible to quantitatively visualize various sales data such as the order rate and the order achievement rate of each sales team, and the proposal with the highest order probability. It also provides you with an intuitive UX to visualize the graph, which greatly increases your efficiency.

Introduction to SFA Services

Let me introduce concrete SFA services.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

The Sales Cloud is Salesfprce’s most popular cloud-based sales tool globally. This is a one-stop sales support tool with basic sales support functions. It is also attractive that it works well with external services.

*Providing one-stop sales support functions

*Ability to optimize by lead scoring

*1 user: 18,000 yen per month


Salesforce Essentials

If sales clouds are going to be more effective for large enterprises, then packages for small businesses and startups will be Russ Force Essential. It is positioned as a trial version of sales cloud.


*Sales Support Tools for Small and Medium Enterprises

*Easy to move to the sales cloud

*Affordable access to sales cloud solutions


Dynamics 365 for Sales

This is the SFA & CRM tool provided by Microsoft. The biggest advantage is that it can be easily integrated with other Microsoft products such as Excel. If you use Microsoft products in your business, this alone is a huge benefit. It is an all-in-one solution that can be used not only in the sales area but also in a wide range of areas such as marketing and customer satisfaction.

*Microsoft’s Serious SFA and CRM Tools

*Seamless integration with Microsoft products

*1 user: 7,070 yen per month

Oracle Sales Cloud

The Oracle Sales Cloud is, of course, Oracle’s SFA tool. The ability to work seamlessly with other Oracle products is a strength, and is a highly recommended solution for companies that rely on Oracle primarily for their business.

All-In-One Cloud SFA Tools

Seamless Integration with Oracle

1 user about 7,000 yen per month


And finally,

It is difficult to find a big difference in the functions of a comprehensive SFA solution, but it seems to be good to make a comprehensive judgment based on cooperation with other products and compatibility with the organization. Find out more about SFA solutions that can help you streamline your sales process.





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