Here’s a handy external integration app for the chat tool Slack.

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With Slack, you can integrate with a variety of external apps to dramatically improve your experience.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most useful Slack apps.


About Slack

Slack is a huge messaging tool with over 10 million daily active users worldwide. It is run by Slack Technologies in San Francisco.

If you’ve heard of Slack, but don’t know how to use it, check out the post below.

Slack App directory

On Slack, there is a page called “Slack App Directory” which is a marketplace where you can find various apps like an app store.

Slack App directory

In this App Directory, you can search popular apps by theme, new apps, and so on.

Recommended Apps in the App Directory

Here are some of the best apps in the App Directory.




This is an application that can be linked with ZOOM, a video chat tool.

You can receive a notification of the MTG start of ZOOM.


Dropbox can automatically receive notifications on Slack when files are updated. This will help reduce the cost of managing shared folders.

Google Calendar

In Google Calendar, you can “TBD” “nonparticipation” “participation” reply to an invitation. You can also receive alerts during scheduling.


As the name suggests, it’s an app that allows you to receive RSS feeds.
It’s useful to work with blogs and media that you want to be notified of updates inbound.

Miro Feed

It’s an app that lets you receive notifications of Miro feed updates via Slack. You can be notified when a comment is given, or by updating the board itself.


Polly is an app that lets you create easy-to-read surveys on Slack. In addition to the number of votes, you can manage your votes and surveys with various outputs such as line graphs. The logo is also cute.


Compass is an app designed to help you monitor your team’s health, visualizing in-team communication like a mind map.


VoiceMessage is an app that lets you send voice messages to each other on Slack.


HeyTaco! is an application that allows you to send tacos to team members.
For example, you can send tacos when you get help. It’s like a kind of reward. You can see a list of who received how many tacos.


It is an application that can be linked with twitter. You can forward tweets from any account to Slack.

Crypto Currency Coin Market Cap

Crypto Currency Coin Market Cap is an application which can check the price of crypto currency such as bitcoin.


That’s it for our review of Slack’s recommended apps.






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