Slack Shortcut Command Summary Helps You Work

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Here’s a rundown of all the commands you can use right away with the Slack chat tool.

To communicate more efficiently in Slack, there are concepts such as shortcut keys and commands. I think it will be very easy to use if you know how to use it more advanced.


About Slack

Slack is one of the fastest growing business chat tools out there.

Currently there are 500,000 daily active users in Japan, which is actually the second largest country in the world.

For Slack, here’s a list of tips you can use:.


What is the Slack command?

In Slack, there is a slash command that invokes a specific action. Some of these commands are included by default, while others can be new.

Slack’s rule is to put “/ (Slash)”, followed by a unique command

to enable various operations.

Anyway, basic rule is here


For example

/who :Display a list of people who are participating in the channel

First, post “/” in your chat room.
This alone can lead to command recommendations like this:.



Slack Search command

Here are some commands you can use to help you find something.

Slack command to find Slack messages and files. This is useful when you want to search for messages, for example, that contain arbitrary text.

/search [any text]*

Slack command to find Slack apps in App directory




Slack commands related to channel preferences

The following Slack commands relate to channel preferences.

Command to invite members to any channel

/invite @member [#Channel]

Mute Channel (Unmuting if already muted) command


Commands Opening Channel

/open [#Channel]

Commands for renaming channels

/rename [new name]**

Commands for joining channels

/join [#channel]

Commands for archiving channels


Command to see the list of channels following the current channel



Slack commands related to your status

Here are some of the commands you can use to manage your profile, including changing your status.

Commands for switching log in ⇄away from the seat



Commands for Setting Do Not Disturb Mode

/dnd [time]  

The time setting text is the following rule:. For example, if you want to stop the notification for 15 minutes:.

/dnd for 15 mins

In addition, you can configure the following:.

until 17:00

until tomorrow morning

Notification can be resumed with the following command:.


To view or remove your status, use the following command:.



Ideal for automation! Slack command to set reminders

Slack has the ability to remind members and individuals (Include Me) of specific times, dates, and actions.

If you enter “/ remind” in the message field, the input template is displayed:

/remind [@member/#channel] [what?] [when?]

The basic form is as follows. For example, if you want to remind yourself to check the material on the test channel:.

/remind #TEST check the material Everyday



About rules for entering dates and times

What are the rules for entering dates and times? I think so. I summarized it briefly.

Specifying an Elapsed Time

Basically, if you want to be reminded in X minutes, say “in X minutes”.null

  • seconds
  • minutes
  • hours

To specify a time of day

If you specify a specific date, the rule is as follows:.

at 9:00pm

at 18:00

When to specify a date

If you specify a date, the rule is as follows:.

on 12 april

on 04/11/2019 ”MM/DD/YYYY”

When to repeat a task

The rules for recurring appointments, such as “I want to check the material every week on X day.” are as follows:.

on the 10th of every month

When to repeat a task

The rules for recurring appointments, such as “I want to check the material every week on X day.” are as follows:.

  • every weekday  
  • every Monday and Friday
  • every other Monday
  • every 1st Monday

Check for reminders you have set

If you have set up a variety of reminders, there are commands you can use to see what they are set up for. Below.

/remind list**

If you need help with reminding, type the following command:.

/remind help** 

Other Useful Commands

Find other useful commands.

Display commands on the keyboard shortcut menu

Displays the list of shortcut.


Commands for Managing RSS Feeds

When it comes to managing RSS feeds, you basically use the “/ feed” command.

To see all RSS feeds and their IDs added to a channel

/feed list

When to stop receiving feeds

/feed remove

Help commands when you are not familiar with the/feed command

/feed help


At The End

That’s all you need to know about Slack’s slash-forward command, which you can use now to get the job done.