Introducing Related Articles About Slack, Business Chat Service.

  • 2019-04-29 (最終更新:2019-05-21)
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This is a summary of utility related entries about the business chat service Slack which is becoming mainstream.
If you’re not familiar with Slack or want to make it more efficient with Slack, here’s what you can do.



What is Slack?

Here’s what Slack looks like in the first place:.
The company behind Slack explains the basic structure and how to use it.


Slack Tips

Slack features a wide range of customizations. Here’s what you can do with Slack:. This alone will certainly lead to greater efficiency.


Slack Commands at a glance

Slack is full of shortcuts and commands. Here’s a list of the best shortcuts and commands you can use in a variety of situations.



Introducing Slack integration and convenient features

There are several entries focusing on Slack’s external app integration and useful features. Please take a look at what you are interested in.


Slack Simple Poll

Here’s an external app that lets you vote and poll on Slack.


Collaboration With Trello

Here’s how Slack works with Trello, the popular task manager.


Collaboration With Confluence

Here’s how Confluence and Slack work together.


Collaboration With Jira

This is a link between Jira and Slack, a popular project management tool. Find out how to make Jira’s project management more efficient with Slack.


Collaboration With IFTTT

This article introduces IFTTT, a service that works well with Slack. You can connect various services to IFTTT and receive notifications on Slack.


At The End

Slack is an easy and efficient way to connect with external services.

U-TILLY covers the main ways to work together and how to use it, so please have a look at it for your reference.





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