Simple Poll Lets You Vote And Survey In Slack

This post is also available in: 日本語 目次 0.1 Introduction1 About Slack1.1 Simple Poll makes it easy to create polls and polls1.2 Using Simple Poll1.3 Create a survey with Simple Poll1.4 Respondents and the number of respondents can be identified at a glance1.5 At The End AdsIntroduction Here’s a handy little trick from the business chat tool Slack. Simple Poll is a handy feature when you need to take a quick poll or collect votes on a Slack channel.   About Slack Slack is a growing business chat tool. It’s actually a huge chat tool with nearly 500,000 daily active users in Japan. One of the features of Slack is its customizability. You can make your work more efficient by setting up your favorite teams. If you want to know slack tips, here is the article. In Slack, there’s a “/ (Slash)” called “slash command” that you can use to perform various operations and provide instructions. Slack commands can be found here. Slack can also work with a variety of external services. U-TILLY has its own entry on popular collaborations, so be sure to check it out. Here is the article about Confluence, collaboration wiki tool      Simple Poll … Continue reading Simple Poll Lets You Vote And Survey In Slack