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From blog services such as Word Press and note to websites and services, I think there are situations where you need photos and illustration materials. This article is about stock photo services that can help you do that.


What is Stock Photo?

“Stock Photo” refers to a material containing pictures and illustrations that can be used by many photographers and creators, including professional amateurs, in various scenes that are intended for use in advertisements and websites. Creators get paid by distributing materials to stock photo services, which will be described later.



Shutterstock is a long-established stock photo service operated overseas since 2003. More than 1 million new materials are added at any time every week, and you can use them for a wide range of purposes, from still images to movies and music.

The amount of material is enormous.

The biggest advantage of Shutterstock is its royalty-free access to approximately 260 million photos and illustrations. The number of these materials is one of the highest in the world.


With the ability to edit

A useful feature of Shutterstock is its ability to easily edit your footage before you download it. You can download after adjusting the size and arrangement to your liking.

Price plan

The price of Shutterstock is basically monthly. The minimum monthly fee is 6000 yen, and the unit price of materials is 600 yen.


PIXTA is a comprehensive material site that allows you to use more than 49 million photos, illustrations, videos and music materials run by PIXTA inc., a company in Japan.

PIXTA Features

PIXTA is one of the leading stock photo services in Japan. Because it is a major Japanese company, unlike stock photo services of foreign companies, there are plenty of Japanese materials.

PIXTA has plenty of Japanese image materials.


Next, I will explain about the price of PIXTA. PIXTA is on a monthly basis and the cheapest plan is 6,380 yen per month. The most discounted premium plan is about 39 yen per 1 material, which is very cost-effective.



Snapmart is a stock photo service operated by Snapmart Inc. The difference with other stock photo services is in the user experience where ordinary users can easily post photo materials. You can post photos you took for Instagram in the app.

If you’re looking for a great photo material for your social network, Snapmart

As mentioned above, Snapmart’s feature is that it’s easy for anyone to share stock photos, so if you’re looking for something with a more public tone, you might want to look for Snapmart.

Snapmart Pricing

Snapmart charges a flat monthly fee. The minimum plan is 1,008 yen per month. Even the most expensive plan costs 4,063 yen per month, so it can be said that the price setting is reasonable overall. The unit price per 1 material is about 133 yen for M size.

Getty Images

Getty Images is one of the largest photo licensing companies in the world. It is a stock photo service for professionals such as photo materials used in major news organizations.

Getty Images Features

In a nutshell, Getty Images is “Expensive and high quality”. High-quality photographic materials used by front-line news photographers are available. There are also a number of rare materials available only at Getty Images.

Getty Images Pricing

I will explain the fee structure. Basically, it will cost a few yen per image. Categories are divided by the resolution of photos and videos, and the lowest resolution material costs from 12,000 yen per 1 sheet. You can see that the most expensive material is very expensive at 37,000 yen for 1.

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a stock photo service from the well-known company Adobe. You can use several 1 million kinds of materials.


Adobe Stock charges a monthly fee. The cheapest plan is 3480 yen per month. It is the most cost-effective pattern for 1 image and the unit price is 40 yen.

Free stock photo service

There are also stock photo services where you can download basically all the pictures for free, instead of monthly or selling the pictures.

The following three services are introduced in Utility.


pixabay is a free material service. More than 1 million items including still images and movies are available. Pixabay allows the use of copyright-free images, and all content on pixabay is governed by a Pixabay license.

Pixabay Features

The biggest feature of pixabay is that it’s free. Since pixabay is an overseas operating company, it can be said that its characteristic is that there are many materials such as portraits of foreigners and overseas streets.

price of pixabay

As mentioned above, pixabay is available for free.


Pixels is a free materials service. The license is managed by Pixels.


Unsplash is a service that allows you to download more than 900 stock materials.Unsplash is free to use. The feature is that there are a lot of stylish images that look good on Instagram.

And finally,

In this article, we introduced stock photo services that are useful for blogs, media, and websites. I hope you understand that there are various services in terms of the type of materials, quality, usage, etc.







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