Introducing The Thor, a word press that combines functionality and design

  • 2019-11-09 (最終更新:2020-01-02)
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This article introduces you to the paid WordPress theme “The Thor”.

Why pay themes?

Careful selection of paid topics can provide a return that exceeds the cost of maintaining stable media and blogs over time. Specifically, there are four benefits:

  • Design: Good design. Good media for UX.
  • Attraction: Strong SEO features are the main drivers for increased traction
  • Customizable: Personalize your media to your liking
  • Community: Can I contact you about defects or new features?

What Is The Thor?

The Thor is a paid WordPress theme that combines SEO’s ability to attract customers with design.

Here is Demo site


The Features Of The Thor

Now let’s take a look at the features of The Thor.


Enhanced features for enhanced SEO

The Thor comes with essential SEO features by default. Especially noteworthy is the enhanced functions that lead to the speed improvement of the site. Specifically, it comes with features by default that improve site speed, including the asynchronous load configuration:.

  • Configuring Title and Meta Description Tags on Top Pages
  • CSS Asynchronous Load Settings
  • Imp Asynchronous Load Settings
  • HTML Compression Settings
  • Auto-generated Site Map Creation

Intuitive setup screen

The Thor has a lot of features, but it has an intuitive settings screen. The following is a capture of the settings screen, but the settings in the right menu are dynamically previewed so you can easily see how the changes worked.

Faster site loading

The default settings include the AMP (※ 1) and PWA (※ 2) settings recommended by Google.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages):
AMP is the preferred framework by Google for fast mobile page viewing. AMP is a generic term used to refer to the various mechanisms used to increase page loading speed to the maximum.
PWA (Progressive Web Apps):
PWA is a site philosophy framework that includes responsive design, HTTPS and other methods for using smartphone pages in a smooth, native app-like experience.



Centralized control of advertising with tagging

The Thor’s tag feature can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to manage links, such as affiliate advertising.

A number of demo sites

Designing a site from scratch is actually very expensive. The Thor provides a wealth of demos on its site, which can be easily traced by downloading styles. It is possible to create a stylish site without any trouble.


Increasing the efficiency of advertising

When you think about placing ads in the media, The Thor allows you to place ads by default at the top and bottom of articles that have a higher CTR. It can be said that this is a very good theme from the operational viewpoint, because it is possible to place advertisements in a wide range of areas with a small number of settings.

Over 50 heading designs

The Thor comes standard with over 50 headline designs. This allows you to select your favorite headlines without having to know CSS. In addition, colors can be determined almost infinitely, so you can sublimate the site’s original design.

Enhancement of community forums

The Thor has a community forum. Many questions about the use of themes, bugs, and other information are exchanged by Thor users. You can see that more than 1,000 posts are exchanged in the forum, which is very active. You will be able to solve many unclear points and questions.


The Thor Product Information

The Thor product information is below.

Price system

There are 2 types of fees: “Themes & Support Plan” which is a set of themes and support operations, and “Easy Server Set Plan” which includes domain acquisition and construction of WordPress environment. The full package is the latter’s easy server set plan.

  1. Theme & Support Plan: ¥14,800
  2. Raku Raku Server Set Plan: 27,400 yen

Also, there is no limit to the support period and number of times, so if you have a question, you can check it without worrying about the limit.

And finally,

This concludes my introduction to the WordPress theme, The Thor. You can see that this is a very high level WordPress theme to choose from in terms of feature richness and design. Learn how to create a WordPress media.