Free trademark search! Introducing Toreru, an online trademark registration service in Japan!

  • 2020-02-02 (最終更新:2020-03-15)
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When you start a new business or service, you must apply for a trademark to protect the right to the name of the service. In this article, we introduce Toreru, a service that can easily and cost-effectively register complicated trademark registrations online.

What is a trademark?

A trademark is like a trademark that determines a service when you buy a service or a product. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry defines trademarks as follows.


A trademark is a mark (identification marker) used by a business to distinguish its goods and services (own company) from those of others (other company).

For example, “Kagome ketchup” distinguishes itself from KAGOME ketchup by recognizing the KAGOME brand of ketchup through its name, logo, and so on. If a completely different company makes and sells a product called “Kagome ketchup” the market will be confused. The trademark provides protection by granting rights to marks that identify such services. Trademark Law defines a mark used for goods or services as a trademark. A mark is defined as “Characters, figures, symbols or three-dimensional shapes, or a combination thereof, or a combination thereof with colors”. The wording is a little complicated, so to simplify it, if you put a mark on a product or service, it is defined as a trademark.


Trademark Retrieval method

You can search what trademarks are currently registered. You can check for free by accessing the Patent Information Platform “J-PlatPat” operated by the National Institute for Industrial Property Information and Training.

Common methods of trademark registration

Then what should I do if I want to register a new trademark? A trademark must be filed with the Patent Office on the required documents. You can apply for it by yourself or you can ask the agency.

  1. draw up an application
  2. Filing a request for trademark registration at the Office (mail)
  3. Pay the registration fee
  4. Wait for the review results

It is generally said that it takes about 8 to 14 months to obtain a trademark, so it takes a very long time.

Request to trademark registration agency

While it is certainly possible to register a trademark on an individual basis, it is extremely difficult to do so simply because of the complicated paperwork and the need to make appropriate decisions after reading difficult technical terms. In addition, there are cases where it is necessary to take next action, such as submitting a written opinion, in cases where the acquisition of a trademark is close at hand. For this reason, when there are no legal or other specialists in a team, it is common to request a trademark registration agency. However, it also requires time and effort for meetings and exchanges.

What is Toreru, an online trademark registration service?

The online trademark registration service Toreru is, as its name implies, an online complete trademark registration support service. It is a very convenient service that can complete complicated trademark registration online.

Toreru Features

Here’s a quick list of the features of Toreru:.

can apply for trademark registration in as little as one minute

Since the efficiency is improved by the use of the web system and AI, the trademark registration request is completed simply by filling out the prescribed form. I’m surprised that you don’t need annoying emails and faxes.

free trademark search

Toreru offers a free trademark search. In the trademark search, you can receive “investigation report” which indicates the difficulty level of the trademark you wish to register and the registration strategy you intend to use to obtain the trademark. In particular, the quality of this service is not free, and it is difficult for individuals who have no legal knowledge to make a decision.

Certified tax accountants support all projects

At Toreru, two or more patent attorneys perform high quality control such as check sheet and double check system in all cases. If you have something you don’t understand, you can consult by phone or email anytime.

Toreru Usage Flow

Toreru offers almost one-stop service from free surveys to registration completion. As for trademark registration, you can rely on us to support the registration.

Toreru pricing structure

Toreru rates start at ¥48,000 per segment, including revenue stamps and fees. Even if you request a trademark on your own, it costs about 29,000 yen, so you can easily request a one-stop trademark registration operation for an additional fee of about 20,000 yen.



With a basic overview of the trademark and the difficulty of obtaining it, you will find that Toreru makes it easier, faster and cheaper to register the trademark online. This is a very good service that combines the speed of online service with a full support system. This concludes our coverage of the online trademark registration service Toreru.





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