How to Automate the Task Management Tool Trello with “Butler”

This post is also available in: 日本語 目次 1 Introduction2 What is Trello?3 What is Butler?4 How Trello and Butler Work Together5 Adding Commands in the Butler Dashboard6 Creating Commands from the Trello Board7 Set 1-Click Action in “Card Buttons”8 Set up a routine task in the calendar9 And finally AdsIntroduction This entry describes how the Trello task management tool and Butler, the BOT of Trello automation, work together to automate Trello task management. What is Trello? Trello is a task management tool that uses the kanban method. The big advantage is that you can use it intuitively by drag and drop. It is run by ATLASSIAN, also known as Confluence. Of course you can use it for free. It is also available as a paid version. Trello Official What is Butler? ButlerはTrello(トレロ)のオートメーションツールです。 Butler is an automation tool for Trello. Specifically, you can automate Trello’s task cards. You can automatically set up routine tasks like “Check email every Monday at 9: 00” or “Reporting at 19: 00 every day”. Butler AdsHow Trello and Butler Work Together Go to the Butler site. When I scroll the page, I see “Get Started For Free”. Click the “Add to Trello” button. This takes … Continue reading How to Automate the Task Management Tool Trello with “Butler”