Introducing Trello, a Useful Task Management Tool

This post is also available in: 日本語 目次 1 Introduction2 What is Trello?3 Why Trello is Useful3.1 Easy task management with Kanban method3.2 Full of detailed functions3.3 Be available on multiple devices3.4 Can be shared by teams4 How to Register Trello5 How to Use Trello?5.1 Structure of Trello5.2 How to make a list5.3 How to make a card5.4 Cards can be further configured5.5 What is Power Up?5.6 About the Board Menu5.7 Can change the background5.8 Invite team members5.9 Be available on various devices6 At the end AdsIntroduction This article provides a brief introduction to the task management tool Trello.   What is Trello? Trello is an easy drag-and-drop task management tool. It is run by Atlassian, also known as Confluence. Of course you can use it for free.   Why Trello is Useful Here are some useful things about Trello:. AdsEasy task management with Kanban method I like how easy it is to make a task in as little as 1 second. You can then drag and drop the tasks you create in an intuitive way. Full of detailed functions You can create a task in as little as a second, but you can set up very detailed conditions. For … Continue reading Introducing Trello, a Useful Task Management Tool