What is VISASQ, the most cost effective service that allows you to work sharing without being tied to time as a side job?

  • 2019-06-17 (最終更新:2019-08-12)
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the ways of sidelines are diversifying



It is not an exaggeration to say that there is a wave of side jobs in Japan now that the diversity of working styles has come to attract attention. It is no longer rare for news and media to cover topics related to side jobs.

The lifting of the ban on side jobs by large companies has also become a trend.

There are various ways of working even if you actually do a side job.

If you’d like a quick look at what services are available, here’s what you’ll find:.


This entry introduces VISASQ, a service that allows customers to receive spot consulting proposals by telephone.


What is VISASQ?

VISASQ is a spot consulting service operated by VISASQ Inc.

VISASQ is one of the largest services in Japan. 80,000 employees have registered as advisers to share their knowledge with clients.


In the first place, as the name implies, spot consulting services enable customers to receive cases on a spot basis instead of on a contract basis.

The client who needs to know what he is good at will be interviewed by phone for about an hour.

VISASQ is free service.




Why VISASQ is a side job



70% of VISASQ advisors are current. This means that many advisors are registered with VISASQ on the side.

“sales and marketing” and “Management Administration Department” are popular among job types. Here’s why VISASQ is a good side job.


Choose the time you want!

VISASQ is basically a phone call for handling cases. You can say that it is very suitable for a side job for office workers because it is less stressful and burdensome such as moving time for meetings.



Average compensation: @15,000/hour

How much will I get if I actually register as an advisor in VISASQ?

According to the VISASQ announcement, the unit price is 15,000 yen per 1 hour.

That’s very favorable. And the conditions are, to some extent,


Let’s talk about what you are good at.

VISASQ is basically your “specialty”.

The experience you have cultivated and the field you are good at will be the value.

So, for example, there is no concept of receiving something you are not interested in or dislike.


How to use VISASQ

Registering for VISASQ is very easy. Registration is free.

If you have an e-mail address, you can register. You can easily connect with your Facebook or Google account.



Register basic information

First, register your basic information.

The main basic information you need to register is:. It is mainly related to your work history.

If you have a side job, you may be able to input your side job experience in your self-introduction.


  • Work history
  • Company Name
  • Job Title
  • Period
  • Self-introduction

Add more information

Add more information after you register basic information. The main items of the detailed information are as follows.


  • Education
  • activity area
  • Language Level
  • qualification license

Add your business experience

This is the most important thing. I will add your business experience.

This experience is very important because it determines the probability that a request will come to you. Primarily enter the following:.


  • experience industry
  • Job type
  • Experience Title
  • Experience Overview – Region, Role, Scale
  • Provide details of your experience
  • standard reward

You can write as many business experiences as you want, so try to write as many different experiences as you can to increase your chances of winning orders.


In order to increase the accuracy of project orders

Even if you write a great business experience, it will be meaningless if you don’t get an order.

There are only two points that make it easier to increase the number of orders.


Focus on the experience needed

We will investigate the projects that are currently open to the public. Write the business experience you need for more demanding deals. Also, we will optimize the unit price of the reward according to it.


Apply for a public offering

It might be a good idea to pick up the project yourself. You can also apply for a job that you are interested in among the public job applications, so that you can match yourself.

This concludes our introduction to VISASQ. VISASQ is a very attractive service because you can get high compensation in the field you are good at without being tied to time.


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