You don’t need to register for a video conference! Using the video chat tool

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When you are working, you will have a chance to have a meeting by video conference or video chat. Some have plans, and some are decided suddenly.

Here’s how to start a video conference right away with less hassle. The key is that you don’t have to give your ID in advance like Skype. Let’s get started.

Challenges of videoconferencing and video chat

Currently, videoconferencing and video chat have the following challenges:.

The negative point is that all of them have troublesome settings.

  • Must be installed in advance
  • *If you don’t have the ID of the service, you can’t use it.
  • *There is no application.
  • *The sound is bad.
  • *At the same time, you have to give each person your ID when you invite them.

What is

In is one of the most popular video chat tools in the last few years.You can join a meeting with multiple people just by sharing a URL.

You can access as follow.



Here is a quick summary of the features of

Available for free

You can use for free.

Compare the free plan with the paid plan. Basically, the number of rooms and the number of simultaneous connections will be different.

Free Plan

  • *Guests can use without logging in
  • *Up to 4 concurrent connections
  • *Only one mtg room
  • *Be able to share screens

Paid plans (.99/month)

  • *Up to 12 concurrent connections
  • *Up to 10 mtg rooms
  • *Enables member management
  • *Customizable design

Can be used by simply sharing the room URL

Just share the URL of the video chat room with the participants and you can start a telephone call easily.

It is also easy to join the application.

There is also a smartphone application, so you can participate even if you are on the move.

App Store




You can set a URL of your choice and create a mtg room.
Chat organizers simply create a URL and click “Create My Room”.
You are now ready. There will be a room with your room sign.

The image of the video chat room is below.

You can make various adjustments during the meeting. All can be operated from the icon at the bottom of the screen.

  • *Screen sharing: You can show your screen to participants.
  • *Record: Lets you record a meeting.
  • *Microphone Off: You won’t be able to speak into the mtg room.
  • *Camera On: Camera On/Off. When off, the profile icon appears.
  • *Chat: You can chat with each other on

Note on

As for, there was a service change recently.

This entry introduces the contents after the change. This is a summary of the content that needs a little attention.

Conference organizers need to register

Conference guests (= person receiving the URL) do not need to log in.
Organizers hosting conferences must register with

Some browsers are not supported

In is not compatible with all browsers.
Note that Safari (safari) and IE are not supported.

Google Chrome (recommended)




At The end

This concludes my introduction to It’s a great service for quick video conferencing.