About the web writing market! The trick to getting a high payoff

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What is a writer?

I will introduce what is a job of a writer in the first place. A writer is a general job of writing an article in a specific media mainly through interviews and materials. There are various types of media such as web media, paper media and free papers.

As a writer, there are various writing projects in media, industry, and article genre. Media is from web to paper as mentioned above. Industries range from cosmetics, food, and daily necessities to economics, society, IT, and entertainment. Article genres include interviews, interviews, transcripts, and articles from materials and press releases.
The range of multiplication is infinite.

What is a writing price quotation

The market price of crowdsourcing is 0.5 yen for 1 letter!

Roughly 1 letter is 0.5 yen in crowdsourcing services such as Lancers and Crowdworks. Of course, there are some deals that are cheaper than 0.5 yen, and there are also deals that are more than 1 yen, but it is just a rough indication of market price.


The average number of characters is 3,000 to 1,500 characters per article.

If the unit price is 0.5 yen, the number of characters is mainly in the range of 1,500 to 3,000 characters.

Therefore, 0.5 * 3,000 = 1,500 yen is the volume zone as 1 article unit price.

Trends in high-reward deals

There are several trends for high paying deals on crowdsourcing sites.

It’s a good idea to choose a project based on the trend.


Not Spot Deal, But Regular

The unit price of one-shot type tends to be relatively low. A one-shot system is an issue that ends once.

For example, in cases where multiple articles are supposed to be delivered for a certain period of time, such as more than four articles per week or one article per day, the unit price tends to be high. That makes sense when you think about the cost of educating and correcting writers.

More than 5,000 characters

A lot of high-reward deals are long articles. Basically, the unit price of articles tends to go up in the case of long articles such as 5000 characters or more.


Best if you have SEO expertise

It is no exaggeration to say that most of the crowdsourcing projects are content creation aimed at improving SEO. So good content can also be translated as SEO-friendly content. In other words, there is a structure that makes writers with knowledge of SEO content writing more useful. If you can present your SEO-related knowledge well, it will be easier to win writing contracts. On the other hand, if you do an SEO NG, you will have a big damage on your future orders, so please be careful.

What is absolutely unacceptable?

There is absolutely no way to deal with crowdsourcing. Please be careful when writing because there are some critical items that can be cancelled at the time of discovery.

Copy and paste articles and articles similar to copy and paste are strictly prohibited.

There is a risk that the order will be cancelled at that point if the copy and paste of other articles in the writing article is found. It’s easy to understand that this is a complete copipe-off, but in many cases, it’s a copiped-and-paste article that changes a part of it. Note that this is considered a copy article.


Many advertisers use copy and paste monitoring tools to check for stories that have been stolen.

For example, there are free tools such as CopyContentDetector.

Ignoring contents of Orientation is strictly prohibited.

There are basically detailed orientations for the project. In most cases, the heading level is <h2> with X headings, and each paragraph contains a ZZ character. These conditions are often backcalculated from the ones that are more effective in SEO. Therefore, you should pay attention only to the amount of sentences and tempo and ignore the contents of the Orien including the important layout.

Do not meet delivery deadlines

Needless to say, let’s keep the delivery deadline. In other words, you should always try to submit the documents with enough time for the delivery deadline. At the beginning, when you are not used to the project, there is a high probability that there will be a rework such as correction. You should make a time schedule to meet the delivery deadline including the response time.

Services that allows you to find writing jobs

We will introduce a service where you can find a job of writing.

Sagooo Works

Sagooo Works is a crowdsourcing service for writers. It is run by Wilgate, an SEO agency. The main selling point of Sagooo Works is that it is “One of Japan’s Largest Specialized Crowdsourcing in Lighting”.

We are accepting 3,000 writing proposals in real time!

About 3000 writing projects are open in real time at Sagooo Works. As it is a specialized type, the total number of projects is very large.

Accrued rewards for points

Points are awarded for Sagooo Works deal awards. You can cash the points or exchange them for another point service.


Lancers is one of the largest crowdsourcing services in the country. About 500 writing projects are always open. Compared to Sagooo Works, the number seems to be a little inferior.

Among writing projects, there are creative projects that make use of originality such as copywriting and naming projects.




Crowd Works is one of the largest crowdsourcing services in Japan. We have a large number of projects alongside Lancers. Of course, there are many writing projects. Crowdworks is looking for nearly 3000 writing deals. Crowdworks has a wide variety of projects, so I recommend you to apply for them first.

Lancers vs. Crowdworks

At Utility, Lancers and Crowdworks are the two largest crowdsourcing services.



While Sagooo Works, Crowdworks, and Lancers are all designed to apply for an advertiser deal, coconala can price and sell its own writing.

Coconala is a skill sharing service that allows you to list your specialty.

Since you can sell articles by yourself, it is easy to sell articles by the genre you are good at or the price you want. It is a unique feature of coconala that you can strategically lower the unit price only at the beginning.


If you want to shorten the time from the invoice to the payment,

After the delivery, you’ll have to submit an invoice and wait for the payment. If that’s the case, you might want to try FREENANCE, a service that supports freelance financing. FREENANCEa unique service that buys invoices and makes same-day payments. It is also reliable that it is operated by a group company of GMO Internet, a big company.

FREENANCE is covered in more detail in the following article.


At The End

This concludes our entry on lighting quotations. Writing projects that can be done anywhere is very attractive if you understand the knack of paying.

In addition to writing, Utility offers other services to help you do side projects and freelance work. There are a lot of services that can give you tips on side projects.

Check out the full article below.







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