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  • 2019-12-16 (最終更新:2020-01-03)
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When managing media and blogs, the quality and quantity of content are important. Although the number of video media is increasing, text content remains the most popular media as of 2019. In this article, we introduce article substitution services that are useful for media companies.

Issues in writing articles

Resources are probably the biggest challenge for writing articles. If the editorial department has multiple writers in the team, it is possible to operate stably, but I think there are many people who do everything from planning to writing by themselves. 1 Article Even with 3,000 to 2,000 words of content, it often takes several hours including desk research, organization, and editing. If a sentence has more than 10,000 characters, it will be a big burden. In addition, it will be a great resource if you include the preparation for the interview when there are interviews.

Alternative to resource problem resolution

This article introduces article substitution services for solving resource problems in media management. There are requests to “Freelance/Individual” and “editing production” for the article agency service. Subscriptions to individuals can be done more cheaply and quickly via crowdsourcing services and other platforms. Editing production (Commonly known as “Hen Pro”) offers a higher level of expertise and quality, although generally more expensive than individual orders.

Crowdsourcing Dominates

Crowdsourcing services are becoming mainstream, and as a result, there is an environment where even skilled writers can get a job. It is fair to say that the current trend is to provide crowdsourcing services and article substitution services in the form of crowdsourcing in order to secure the trust of readers at a fast and transparent price.



Major Article Substitution Services

In other words, the services we provide are slightly different depending on their expertise.

Technical Articles

Professional writing is the most orthodox pattern. There is a fixed price for each letter, such as X yen for 1 letter, and we ask you to write an article with the theme of Orien. Depending on the vendor, there is a case that you have to pay the configuration fee and editing fee.

Article proofreading

Proofing an article is a task to proofread an article that has been written. It not only checks for errors and omissions, but also checks for SEO.


SEO Directions

In some cases, the direction is made considering whether the content is effective for SEO. In many cases, we ask you to select keywords with high SEO effect and to make a whole configuration. Since content creation and SEO are inseparable, there are also reassuring article agencies that provide SEO direction as a set.

Recommended article substitution service

Here are a few of our favorite article substitution services.



Crowdworks is the largest crowdsourcing service in Japan. As it is a comprehensive cloud service, there are of course projects other than writing, but compared to writing specialists, it has an overwhelming track record in writing projects. In addition, writers can check their work performance and evaluations from the ordering party in advance, so requests can be made more transparently.

Japan’s largest crowdsourcing service

The number of writing projects is overwhelmingly large.

transparent writing market



Lancers is one of Japan’s largest crowdsourcing services alongside Crowdworks.In December 2019, we announced that our initial listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers was completed. Like CrawdWorks, Lancers has an overwhelming network of writers. In addition, AI is used to check if the market price is appropriate, and as with CrawdWorks, it is possible to request a highly transparent deal.

For more information, see the comparison between CrawdWorks and Lancers.

Lancers or Crowdworks? Compare two largest crowdsourcing services in Japan!

*Japan’s largest crowdsourcing service after Crowdworks

*The number of writing projects is very large.

*transparent writing market



Sagoo Works

Sagoo Works is a crowdsourcing service specializing in writing. The network is highly reliable because it is run by Wilgate, a major SEO company.
There’s also a plan to help professional SEO consultants write articles that are SEO effective, so it’s definitely a strength of an SEO company.

*Lighting Specialized Crowdsourcing Service
*It’s run by Willgate, the SEO giant.
*SEO Consultant Support Plan

Sagoo Works


Bizseek is another crowdsourcing service. Compared to Crowdworks and Lancers, there is a point that you can consult about ordering at a low price and a short delivery time. Also, the service is very cheap, so it will be useful if you want to focus on quantity rather than quality.

*Lowest level of fees in the industry

*Flexibility to order quickly




Buildup is an article substitution service run by an SEO company. The feature is that you can ask for an article filled with SEO consulting know-how. You can say that the direction which foresees the effect of attracting customers after writing the article is attractive.

*SEO Professionals Serve
*an editorial agency that is strong in attracting customers and marketing
*More than 10,000 articles



And Finally

This concludes the summary of the article substitution service. If you are interested, please refer to this article for more information on the pricing of the writing deal.