If you’re worried about site speed – Create a fast WordPress site with Kinsta

Introduction In this article, I’ll introduce you to Kinsta, a premium managed hosting service for WordPress sites. Kinsta is a premium managed hosting service that offers a higher level of professionalism and quality of service as a premium managed hosting service, with a monthly fee to take care of the tuning and management of your WordPress site. If you’re starting to worry about the speed of your WordPress site If your WordPress site is growing steadily and the number of accesses increases, the load will inevitably increase. Kinsta is a good managed hosting service to consider migrating to when site load concerns increase. What is Managed Hosting Services? A hosting service is a service in which an Internet service provider takes care of a client’s web services and operates them. Among them, the managed hosting service is a service that allows you to manage your site almost entirely on your own. This is a more advanced hosting service. What Is Kinsta? Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting service operated by Kinsta in San Francisco, which is one of the highest performing WordPress hosting companies and boasts a high level of expertise and service quality, including winning the Top Tier WordPress […]

Useful for media and blog publishers! Summary of article substitution services

Introduction When managing media and blogs, the quality and quantity of content are important. Although the number of video media is increasing, text content remains the most popular media as of 2019. In this article, we introduce article substitution services that are useful for media companies. Issues in writing articles Resources are probably the biggest challenge for writing articles. If the editorial department has multiple writers in the team, it is possible to operate stably, but I think there are many people who do everything from planning to writing by themselves. 1 Article Even with 3,000 to 2,000 words of content, it often takes several hours including desk research, organization, and editing. If a sentence has more than 10,000 characters, it will be a big burden. In addition, it will be a great resource if you include the preparation for the interview when there are interviews. Alternative to resource problem resolution This article introduces article substitution services for solving resource problems in media management. There are requests to “Freelance/Individual” and “editing production” for the article agency service. Subscriptions to individuals can be done more cheaply and quickly via crowdsourcing services and other platforms. Editing production (Commonly known as “Hen Pro”) […]

Introducing The Thor, a word press that combines functionality and design

Introduction This article introduces you to the paid WordPress theme “The Thor”. Why pay themes? Careful selection of paid topics can provide a return that exceeds the cost of maintaining stable media and blogs over time. Specifically, there are four benefits: Design: Good design. Good media for UX. Attraction: Strong SEO features are the main drivers for increased traction Customizable: Personalize your media to your liking Community: Can I contact you about defects or new features? What Is The Thor? The Thor is a paid WordPress theme that combines SEO’s ability to attract customers with design. Here is Demo site   The Features Of The Thor Now let’s take a look at the features of The Thor. Enhanced features for enhanced SEO The Thor comes with essential SEO features by default. Especially noteworthy is the enhanced functions that lead to the speed improvement of the site. Specifically, it comes with features by default that improve site speed, including the asynchronous load configuration:. Configuring Title and Meta Description Tags on Top Pages CSS Asynchronous Load Settings Imp Asynchronous Load Settings HTML Compression Settings Auto-generated Site Map Creation Intuitive setup screen The Thor has a lot of features, but it has an intuitive settings […]

Stock Photo Service for Downloadable Photo Assets

Introduction From blog services such as Word Press and note to websites and services, I think there are situations where you need photos and illustration materials. This article is about stock photo services that can help you do that. What is Stock Photo? “Stock Photo” refers to a material containing pictures and illustrations that can be used by many photographers and creators, including professional amateurs, in various scenes that are intended for use in advertisements and websites. Creators get paid by distributing materials to stock photo services, which will be described later.   Shutterstock Shutterstock is a long-established stock photo service operated overseas since 2003. More than 1 million new materials are added at any time every week, and you can use them for a wide range of purposes, from still images to movies and music. The amount of material is enormous. The biggest advantage of Shutterstock is its royalty-free access to approximately 260 million photos and illustrations. The number of these materials is one of the highest in the world. With the ability to edit A useful feature of Shutterstock is its ability to easily edit your footage before you download it. You can download after adjusting the size and arrangement to your […]

Introducing Jetpack, a useful WordPress plugin

Introduction This article introduces Jetpack, a useful Word Press plug-in. What is a  WordPress? WordPress is a free home page blogging tool. WordPress has the highest share in the world. Also known as Content Management System (Contents Management System), content can be created and rearranged intuitively without any code implementation. WordPress is divided into a software version of “ (WordPress Dot Org)” and a free blogging service “ (”. Use if you want to customize using plugins, etc., or if you want to use it exclusively for blogs. What Is Jetpack? Jetpack is the official WordPress plugin. Jetpack is a utility plugin that provides access to more than 30 features, including analytics and SEO countermeasures, just by adding one. We recommend that you stop enabling any plugins that are already enabled and have similar functionality because they may conflict within your site.   How to install Jetpack Installation is simple. Go to the WordPress Admin screen and select Plugins > Add New. Click “Install Now”. When the installation is complete, the button will change to “enabling”. Click Enable. Jetpack is now enabled. Using Jetpack Here’s how to use Jetpack. As a general premise, you’ll need to work with to […]