What is SFA? Differentiation from MA and CRM and key SFA solutions

What you can do with SFA SFA has made a significant contribution to the management and efficiency of sales activities. SFA stands for Sales Force Automation and is often expressed as sales support system in Japanese. For example, it is a tool that supports efficient sales activities using data such as visualization of sales processes, business card management of business partners, and lead training. One of the best known services is Salesforce tools. Specific Benefits of SFA Customer management using data Data management such as customer visit history Manage communications between internal sales representatives and customers Loyalty of customers through step mail, etc. visualization of sales progress What is different from CRM? The key word in a similar context to SFA is CRM. What is the difference between SFA and CRM? What Is CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It refers to the overall approach to managing customer relationship building. It refers to customer management in a broad sense including not only BtoB area but also BtoC area. CRM covers the entire process of managing customer data, labeling customers, and communicating appropriately with labeled customers.The difference from SFA is that SFA is specialized in sales and its own sales process management is […]

Useful for media and blog publishers! Summary of article substitution services

Introduction When managing media and blogs, the quality and quantity of content are important. Although the number of video media is increasing, text content remains the most popular media as of 2019. In this article, we introduce article substitution services that are useful for media companies. Issues in writing articles Resources are probably the biggest challenge for writing articles. If the editorial department has multiple writers in the team, it is possible to operate stably, but I think there are many people who do everything from planning to writing by themselves. 1 Article Even with 3,000 to 2,000 words of content, it often takes several hours including desk research, organization, and editing. If a sentence has more than 10,000 characters, it will be a big burden. In addition, it will be a great resource if you include the preparation for the interview when there are interviews. Alternative to resource problem resolution This article introduces article substitution services for solving resource problems in media management. There are requests to “Freelance/Individual” and “editing production” for the article agency service. Subscriptions to individuals can be done more cheaply and quickly via crowdsourcing services and other platforms. Editing production (Commonly known as “Hen Pro”) […]

Creating WordPress Media on the GoogleCloudPlatform (GDP)

Introduction In this article, I’ll show you how to create a WordPress site from scratch using the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This article is divided into the first part and the second part. We will introduce the site construction using the following services. Servers, etc.: Google Cloud Platform Domains: GoogleDomains CMS: WordPress Benefits of using Google services Here are some of the benefits of using nearly all of Google’s services:.   You can start for free: you can start for free for practically the first year because you have free credit. Easy integration with Google tools: Connect with other services using your Google account. Same Support Center: Different departments but basically Google is the center so it’s not complicated. Buying Your Domain with GoogleDomains Buy a domain in Google Domains. Search for the domain name you want and put it in the cart. You can pay by credit card. When your purchase is complete, your domain appears in My Domain.     Configuring the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Next, let’s talk about building an environment on Google Cloud Platform. Google Cloud Platform Registration First, you need to register with Google Cloud Platform. Register an account from the official site. Start […]

What is an effective AB test? Useful services for AB testing

Introduction There is a technique called AB test to compare the effects of sites and advertisements. This article discusses the basics of AB testing to help you get the most out of it, and introduces some of the best tools for using AB testing. What is the AB test? The AB test is a keyword that is often spoken in the marketing context. It is mainly used to compare and verify the effects of the two measures. More specifically, it is used more often in the context of improving the effectiveness of a site or advertising verification. Compare Two Groups The AB test conceptually consists of two groups, a control group and a test group. Control groups, also known as control groups, are essentially “Continue to implement existing  measures” groups. As the name suggests, the test group uses a new test group.   What is required for the success of the AB test Now that you have reviewed the definition of the AB test, let’s move on to what needs to be done to make the AB test successful.   Be sure to define objectives and KPIs First, you need to decide the purpose of what you want to get […]

How to respond to ads.txt warnings in Google Adsense with WordPress built on Google Cloud Platform.

Introduction Warning Banners Appear on Google Adsense Admin Screen Since the beginning of 2019, the following warning banner has appeared on Google Adsense. Attention Required – Some sites do not contain an ads.txt file. Fix this problem now to avoid a significant revenue impact. What is ads.txt anyway? Google explains on their site:.   Quote: The declaration of a Certified Digital Seller (Authorized Digital Sellers) by ads.txt is an initiative by the IAB to ensure that digital advertising inventory in content is only sold through authorized sellers (AdSense, etc.) by the publisher (If it’s a website, it’s a website operator.) of that content. By creating ads.txt on your own, you control strictly the sellers of your site’s inventory and prevent false inventory from being provided to advertisers.It is strongly recommended that you use ads.txt. The advantage of using ads.txt is that the buyer can determine the fake inventory, so the site operator can stop the flow of revenue to the fake inventory and increase the revenue accordingly.   Simply put, it is a guideline for decision management to use healthy advertising space. However, this is a warning that failure to do so will have a serious impact on Google Adsense […]