What is Shopify? Features, how to open a shop, advantages and disadvantages

Open an online shop with Shopify An online shop, also known as an e-commerce site, is becoming increasingly popular as a way to do business online without having to have a store. In recent years, there have been an increasing number of platforms that allow you to easily set up an online shop. All you have to do is register the necessary information and products, choose a design from a template, prepare it, and then you can open it as a store. There are various online shop platforms available, and this article will focus on Shopify to show you how it works and how to open it. By understanding the basic information, you will be able to choose the right platform when you open an online store. What is Shopify? Founded in 2004, Shopify is the world’s largest e-commerce platform with over 1 million stores in 175 countries, and has been dubbed the “Amazon Killer”. We’re a company that has been growing in share in the e-commerce market. You may not be used to hearing about it in Japan yet, but it’s a service and company that’s aggressively expanding its share of the e-commerce market. With the establishment of Shopify’s Japanese subsidiary […]

Even this kind of service is subsk!? 2020 Consumer Subscriber Special!

Introduction This article introduces subscription services with a focus on consumer (For ToC). You can read the latest version of the service in 2020 at once. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular services, as well as some of the more niche ones. What is a subscription? Let’s review the meaning of subscription. Subscription (= Subscription) means subscription. It’s a model that you pay the service charge for a certain period of time, not for a single purchase. The most common pattern of subscription services is monthly subscriptions. The most common case is when you use the service for a fixed monthly fee and it is automatically renewed unless you stop it. Subscription Boom Becomes Steady Many services are now subscription models, including Amazon and NETFLIX. Subscription is a concept that has been around since the late 2010s. Originally a business model originating in the US IT software industry, subscription services are now available for real goods, including apparel, watches, food and cars. Subscription Benefits Why are subscriptions so hot? Here are the benefits of subscriptions from a user perspective. In general, the low hurdles are attractive, both financially and psychologically. Unlimited use Basically, you can use […]