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What is Jira? Jira is a basic entry on what. From how to register Jira to how to use the basics, this book is especially for beginners. If you look at this entry, you’ll see how Jira can be used with what services.   What is Jira? Jira is a basic entry on what. From how to register Jira to how to use the basics, this book is especially for beginners. If you look at this entry, you’ll see how Jira can be used with what services. チーム好みにカスタマイズ!プロジェクト管理ツールJIRA(ジラ)使い方の基本   Operating company of Jira Jira is run by an Australian tech company called Atlassian. Atlassian itself is a very hot company. This entry provides an overview of Atlassian. 注目のSaaSサービスを生み続けるテック企業Atlassian(アトラシアン)を徹底研究!   Linking Jira and Confluence This entry describes how Jira and Confluence work together. You can use Jira to track your project and Confluence to stock an overview. The following entries explain how to work together and how to use it in a basic way. Confluence(コンフルエンス)とプロジェクト管理ツールJIRA(ジラ)の連携方法 At The End Jira can achieve greater efficiency in project management through collaboration with a variety of external services. Check out the Utilities entry to see what capabilities there are.

Jira and Slack work together – how to get Slack notifications about project updates in Jira

Introduction Is there any case that I was assigned as the person in charge of Jira’s project, but the confirmation was omitted? In fact, by linking Jira and Slack, we can prevent missing notifications in the Jira project. This article explains how Jira and Slack work together. About Jira Jira is a project management tool that can be customized in a variety of formats. You can customize the Kanban method, Scrum, and other forms to best suit your project.   About Slack Slack is a business chat tool that’s quickly becoming mainstream. The Slack feature allows you to automate a variety of things with your own commands or to work with a variety of external applications. What is Slack? For basic information on using Slack, read the following entry. チャンネル?ツール連携?今さら聞けないSlack(スラック)の基本 Slack has a lot of tricks. It is an intermediate to advanced version, so it is summarized in the following entry. Please check it as well. 基本から応用まで!Slack(スラック)で今すぐ使える小ワザ集     How Jira and Slack work together   Jira Configuration First, I will explain about the setting on Jira. You can find applications in Jira at once by searching the application list page called App Market. Choose “settings” > “App” on the […]

How the collaboration tool Confluence works with the project management tool JIRA

Introduction This article introduces how the business collaboration wiki tool Confluence works with the project management tool Jira.   What is Confluence? Confluence is a wiki tool that can be easily updated like a blog. In addition to using it like a wiki, you can organize stock information of various genres such as team management and project management. 便利なwikiツールConfluence(コンフルエンス)使い方の基本   What is Jira? Jira is a project management tool that you can customize to suit your team’s features and objectives. You can customize it according to the format of the project process, such as Kanban or Scrum. Jira is introduced in the following entry. チーム好みにカスタマイズ!プロジェクト管理ツールJIRA(ジラ)使い方の基本   Operating company is Atlassian Both Confluence and Jira are actually services of a software company called Atlassian. Atlassian products are highly customizable and offer significant advantages such as integration with other services. Atlassian is introduced in the following entry.     Collaboration Overview For an overview of how Confluence works with Jira, you can view Jira’s projects and create assignments on Confluence. Viewing Jira’s Issues on Confluence それでは早速ConfluenceとJiraの連携のやり方をご紹介します。 Here’s how Confluence and Jira work together. Log in to Confluence. Use Confluence to move to the page creation screen. If you want to know how […]

Customize to your team’s taste! Introduces JIRA project management service

Introduction This article introduces the basics of the JIRA project management tool. JIRA is a tool for teams to manage projects. For example, this tool is suitable for the case where each team collaborates to make things such as creating services or functions. It allows you to drive projects using different project workflow management formats, such as roadmaps, kanbans, and scrums. What is JIRA? JIRA is a common name and the official name is JIRA Software. JIRA makes it easy to manage various workflows such as Kanban Boards, Scrum Boards and Agile Reports. JIRA operating company JIRA is run by Atlassian, an Australia-based software company. In addition to JIRA, Atlassian also covers popular task and project management tools such as Trello and Confluence. Atlassian has a history of nearly 20 years. Also check out our Atlassian article. 注目のSaaSサービスを生み続けるテック企業Atlassian(アトラシアン)を徹底研究! Here is the introduction of Trello 便利なタスク管理ツールTrello(トレロ)使い方の基本 Confluence, another Atlassian wiki tool, is here. 便利なwikiツールConfluence(コンフルエンス)使い方の基本     JIRA Pricing Let me introduce JIRA’s fee structure. JIRA has two plans, one for use in the cloud and the other for in-house management. Use in the cloud The pricing structure for cloud use is as follows:. It is a volume discount system according to […]