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What is Notion? The fastest growing collaboration tool that is both friendly and functional

Why you should check out Notion if you’re looking for an efficient knowledge management tool In this article, we will explain the basic usage of Notion, a collaboration tool that allows you to perform task management, document management, knowledge sharing and information management in one tool. As mentioned above, it has many functions, but its intuitive user interface allows you to customize it to your liking and use it as a convenient tool. Available for individuals and teams! Notion can be used by both individuals and teams. For example, you can use Notion to manage your notes, tasks, blog posts, and favorite web services all at once. If you’re in a team, you can share knowledge among members, manage projects, and use it like a wiki tool. It’s a great tool for both individuals and teams to manage information in a customized way. What is Notion? Notion is a collaboration tool for document management (memo pad), knowledge sharing and task/project management. document management (memo pad) knowledge sharing task/project management Notion Notion is run by US startup Notion Labs, a super fast-growing startup that has been in operation since 2016 and has been a unicorn company since April 2020, having successfully […]

Auto-correct your sketches with the smart drawing feature of the online whiteboard MIRO!

Introduction This article discusses the smart drawing feature of MIRO, an online whiteboarding service. What is miro? MIRO is a whiteboarding service that can be used online. For example, you can intuitively do tasks online that you would normally do using a whiteboard, such as putting up a fusen, drawing shapes freely, organizing, and writing a mind map. Specifically, the power of the system is demonstrated in the following cases The role of the whiteboard in brainstorming Design prototyping A notepad of ideas. A folder to organize images, etc.   Please refer to the following article for the basic use of MIRO. Introducing Miro, a convenient online whiteboard service   What is the Smart Drawing Function? Smart Drawing is a feature that allows you to automatically convert penciled drawings on MIRO’s workspace into accurate shapes, sticky notes, and connecting lines. Smart Drawing allows you to automatically organize your sketches in a meeting into easy-to-see shapes.   Turn on/off the smart drawing function The Smart Drawing feature is available when you check the box that appears when you click on the pencil icon in MIRO’s Workspace menu. Available in the app and in your browser The smart drawing feature is available […]

Top 14 internal wiki tools | Introducing services that help you share information within your company

Introduction Here are a few suggestions for the 2020 version of the internal wiki tool. What is an internal wiki? An internal wiki is a tool that organizes the company’s stock information, including rules, manuals, structures, and know-how. It’s the same concept as Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia that anyone can edit and make together. Why an internal wiki? The more work you do, of course, the more information you accumulate. As information accumulates, the need for efficient access to that information increases. Systematic information gathering is critical because failure to get the right information can lead to lost productivity. Key activities that leverage in-house Wiki tools Specifically, what kind of work can be used for the in-house wiki? Here are some examples:. Internal Structure business flow Place for job regulations Responsibilities and rosters of each team Track important announcements storage of know-how Location of various manuals   Key points in choosing an in-house Wiki tool Here are a few key points to consider when choosing an in-house Wiki tool:. Flexible permission settings Flexibility in who can create and who can view them reduces the likelihood of confusion in your organization’s information management. It is a very important function in terms […]

How to Display the Online Whiteboard Tool miro with Confluence

Introduction This article describes how you can view the contents of the online whiteboard tool miro on the Wiki collaboration tool Confluence.     About the Collaboration Tool Confluence Confluence is a wiki collaboration tool from Atlassian. It is good at accumulating stock information and can manage information intuitively like a blog. See the following entry for basic usage of Confluence. 便利なwiki作成ツールConfluence(コンフルエンス)使い方の基本 Link to external services Confluence can work with a variety of external services. Get started with Trello (Trello), a task management tool タスク管理ツールTrello(トレロ)とConfluence(コンフルエンス)の連携方法   Slack integration is here. Confluence(コンフルエンス)とSlackを連携させる方法   Here’s how Jira works with the project management tool: Confluence(コンフルエンス)とプロジェクト管理ツールJIRA(ジラ)の連携方法   About White Board Tool miro Miro is a free online whiteboard tool. It can be used to map ideas like a whiteboard, organize them, or draw mind maps. You can read more about miro in the article below. 便利なオンラインホワイトボードサービスmiro(ミロ)の使い方の基本   How to Display the Miro on Confluence Now I’ll show you how to display miro on Confluence. For example, if you want to use Confluence to store the contents you organized using miro, you can do this.   Exporting with miro Click the Export button in the top menu. Select [Embed] in the menu list. You’ll see […]

Confluence’s New Slash Command Makes Creating Pages Dramatically Easier

Introduction Confluence is a collaborative wiki tool that allows you to update intuitively and organize information as easily as a blog, but here’s what’s new for you “slash command”.       If you want to know what Confluence is, check out the article below.     Confluence Major Update Announced Slash command is a new feature 1 in the Confluence Cloud major update in April 2019. You can read more about the major updates on the Atlassian Official blog. In this update, both “More efficient page creation” and “Improved engaging content creation experience” were made at the same time. Major new features announced in April 2019 In addition to the slash command, the main features announced are:.   Slash command Menu Bar UI Update Add New Template media file renewal Analytics for Confluence What is the slash command? Now I’ll show you how to use the slash command. You can now enter a slash “/” when creating a page to instantly display macros that previously could only be transitioned from the menu bar. The Slack chat tool also has a slash command, so it’s a familiar feature for Slack users. Using the Slash Command The slash command appears when […]