Meet “Arc”, an app that automatically notifies you of KPIs like site visits on your Slack channel

Arc can use Slack to automatically get marketing metrics for your service In this article, we introduce you to Arc, an application that can automatically notify you of changes in numbers in Google Analytics. External integration with Slack Like Arc, Slack is designed to work with external applications to improve the quality of your work. Check out the utility’s coverage of Slack below. Introducing Related Articles About Slack, Business Chat Service.   What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a site analysis tool provided by Google. In addition to easy integration with other Google services, it is a very high-quality site analysis tool that can use most of the functions for free. To learn more about Google Analytics, check out the following articles:. How To Use Google Analytics For Marketing   What Is Arc? Let me explain about Arc. Arc is Slack’s external companion app that lets you notify Slack when you’ve set a certain amount of time in Google Analytics ’ data. What You Can Do with Arc For example, you can define and notify data that can be retrieved on Google Analytics such as “I want to notify my team’s Slack channel of yesterday’s visits at 9 o’clock […]

Selected 6 useful tools for word-of-mouth and SNS analysis

Introduction Of course, the influence of SNS word-of-mouth is getting stronger year by year. In this article, we introduce tools to analyze SNS such as twitter and Instagram mainly for those in marketing department. What are SNS analysis tools? As its name suggests, SNS analysis tools are tools that can analyze various indicators related to SNS. The main media used for the analysis is social media such as twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and you can obtain and analyze the content of posts, positive negative engagement, and indicators related to following. Why SNS Analysis is Needed Growing interest in VOCs Have you ever heard of the word VOC (= Voice Of Customer)? VOC refers to the analysis of customer feedback. In recent years, there have been an increasing number of opportunities to hear about the importance of VOCs at business sites. Social media is important in terms of both quality and quantity in order to listen to the opinions of customers, so the need for analysis of social media is growing year by year. Have a real-time nature (= immediacy) In particular, twitter is very real-time, and when a bug occurs, or when there is positive news about a product, or […]

What is Content Marketing? Introduce content marketing mechanisms and tools

Introduction Content marketing is a marketing method that uses a variety of content, such as content from around the world, social networking sites, and email, to enhance user engagement and build a medium- to long-term, highly loyal relationship. This article introduces you to content marketing and includes tools to help you with content marketing. Organize content marketing Content marketing is a way of doing things, and it’s essentially a way of creating and delivering content. You may want to organize them into the following items. WHY: Purpose. What do you do it for? What good will it bring? WHO: Who are you targeting? WHAT: What should I say? HOW: How do you deliver?   WHY The first thing you need is a goal. By sorting out why you need to do that, your actions and measures won’t be blurred. For example, we organize upstream objectives such as acquiring new customers, preventing customers from leaving, and getting customers to buy other products. Some common purposes include:. To increase the number of new inquiries To increase the unit price of existing customers To prevent existing customers from leaving In order to cross-sell another product WHO: Who Should You Deliver To? Once the […]

Useful for media and blog publishers! Summary of article substitution services

Introduction When managing media and blogs, the quality and quantity of content are important. Although the number of video media is increasing, text content remains the most popular media as of 2019. In this article, we introduce article substitution services that are useful for media companies. Issues in writing articles Resources are probably the biggest challenge for writing articles. If the editorial department has multiple writers in the team, it is possible to operate stably, but I think there are many people who do everything from planning to writing by themselves. 1 Article Even with 3,000 to 2,000 words of content, it often takes several hours including desk research, organization, and editing. If a sentence has more than 10,000 characters, it will be a big burden. In addition, it will be a great resource if you include the preparation for the interview when there are interviews. Alternative to resource problem resolution This article introduces article substitution services for solving resource problems in media management. There are requests to “Freelance/Individual” and “editing production” for the article agency service. Subscriptions to individuals can be done more cheaply and quickly via crowdsourcing services and other platforms. Editing production (Commonly known as “Hen Pro”) […]

How to use CASE statements to group data in the Google Data Portal

Introduction This article explains how to use the Google Data Portal to categorize data into arbitrary groups. Press the link below to read more about Google’s data portal. Google Data Portal Makes Data Visualization Easy and Attractive!   In the Google Data Portal, you can create arbitrary data groups by taking advantage of calculated fields. For example, you can:. Want English and non-English users Want to connect social media users I want to group pages for a specific URL? I want to consolidate certain areas   What are calculated fields? Calculated fields are a feature of the Google Data Portal that allows you to create your own metrics or dimensions by arbitrarily processing and calculating the fields in your data source. Using Calculated Fields Select Resources > Manage Added Data Sources > “Edit” for any data source. Click Add Field in the upper right corner. The formula editing screen is a calculated field as shown below. What is a CASE statement? This function is often used in CASE statements to group existing data or define new data. For example, to group the values for a given country into a [Sales Region] dimension, create a CASE statement similar to the following:. […]