What is the GDPR? Explanation of measures against GDPR by site operators such as WordPress

Introduction In recent years, regulations have rapidly advanced in the area of personal information protection. This regulation on personal information is being advanced all over the world. The Japanese government is also actively discussing this issue. In particular, the EU has enacted a law called the GDPR, which regulates methods of obtaining personal information on the web, such as cookies. This article explains what the GDPR is and what measures are necessary for site operators using WordPress. What are cookies? A mechanism for storing information in a browser on a Web page. You can obtain and provide login information and terminal information as cookie information.   Key points of this article First, I’ll list the points of this article! If you don’t have time, please take a look at this point. All companies that collect personal data from EU residents May require user consent to retrieve information Privacy Policy needs to be updated Update and user consent required for personal information retrieval tool If you fail to comply with the GDPR, there are fines and other sanctions. Revision of the Personal Information Protection Law in Japan May Stricter the Rules What is the GDPR? Let’s start with the GDPR. GDPR […]

Even this kind of service is subsk!? 2020 Consumer Subscriber Special!

Introduction This article introduces subscription services with a focus on consumer (For ToC). You can read the latest version of the service in 2020 at once. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular services, as well as some of the more niche ones. What is a subscription? Let’s review the meaning of subscription. Subscription (= Subscription) means subscription. It’s a model that you pay the service charge for a certain period of time, not for a single purchase. The most common pattern of subscription services is monthly subscriptions. The most common case is when you use the service for a fixed monthly fee and it is automatically renewed unless you stop it. Subscription Boom Becomes Steady Many services are now subscription models, including Amazon and NETFLIX. Subscription is a concept that has been around since the late 2010s. Originally a business model originating in the US IT software industry, subscription services are now available for real goods, including apparel, watches, food and cars. Subscription Benefits Why are subscriptions so hot? Here are the benefits of subscriptions from a user perspective. In general, the low hurdles are attractive, both financially and psychologically. Unlimited use Basically, you can use […]

Top 14 internal wiki tools | Introducing services that help you share information within your company

Introduction Here are a few suggestions for the 2020 version of the internal wiki tool. What is an internal wiki? An internal wiki is a tool that organizes the company’s stock information, including rules, manuals, structures, and know-how. It’s the same concept as Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia that anyone can edit and make together. Why an internal wiki? The more work you do, of course, the more information you accumulate. As information accumulates, the need for efficient access to that information increases. Systematic information gathering is critical because failure to get the right information can lead to lost productivity. Key activities that leverage in-house Wiki tools Specifically, what kind of work can be used for the in-house wiki? Here are some examples:. Internal Structure business flow Place for job regulations Responsibilities and rosters of each team Track important announcements storage of know-how Location of various manuals   Key points in choosing an in-house Wiki tool Here are a few key points to consider when choosing an in-house Wiki tool:. Flexible permission settings Flexibility in who can create and who can view them reduces the likelihood of confusion in your organization’s information management. It is a very important function in terms […]

BEST 5 Of Most Popular Articles In September of UTILLY

Introduction Here is the most popular article ranking released in September 2019 at Utility Below are the Hall of Fame entries in the past rankings. Reference; Introducing Miro, a convenient online whiteboard service   And also this article; Introduction to Confluence, a useful collaboration wiki tool Let’s start with 5th place. # 5 Simplify your work with Zapier automation! The fifth article is about Zapier, a tool that lets you coordinate and automate services. Zapier lets you automate Gmail, Slack, spreadsheets, and other major web services. Make Your Work More Efficient With Zapier   # 4 Easy, convenient, and high quality! Video editing apps/video editing services 14 selections The fourth is a roundup of video editing tools.From full-featured desktop apps to services you can easily edit with a smartphone app, here’s a quick look at some of the best video editing services. Easy, convenient and high quality! Video editing apps/video editing services 14 selections   # 3 DearMob iPhone Manager Makes iPhone and iPad Data Management More Convenient! The third is an introduction to the DearMob iPhone Manager, a tool that makes data management easier on iOS devices. The DearMob iPhone manager makes managing your iTunes data a breeze. DearMob […]

UTILLY August 2019 Top 5 Articles!

Introduction Here are the most popular articles released in August 2019 at Utility. Below are the Hall of Fame entries in the past rankings. Introducing Miro, a convenient online whiteboard service Introduction to Confluence, a useful collaboration wiki tool     Let’s start with 5th place.   <5th> Easily convert paper documents to electronic text with OCR capabilities of Google Drive!   The fifth is a tip on Google Drive. Here’s how Google Drive’s OCR feature makes it easy to convert paper documents and photos into electronic text. Google Drive’s OCR feature makes it easy to convert paper documents to electronic text!   <4th> What is the next generation design tool without code “STUDIO”?   The fourth article is an introduction to a new design tool called STUDIO. STUDIO is an innovative tool service that allows you to create sites without coding. The fact that it is supported by top rankers in the Japanese design industry also indicates the high level of attention. What is the Next Generation of Code-Free Design Tools “STUDIO”?   <3rd>”Supermetrics” An add-on that streamlines the organization of marketing data from Google Spreadsheets    The third is an introduction to Supermetrics, a marketing tool that can […]