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Introduction This is a summary of utility related entries about the business chat service Slack which is becoming mainstream. If you’re not familiar with Slack or want to make it more efficient with Slack, here’s what you can do.   What is Slack? Here’s what Slack looks like in the first place:. The company behind Slack explains the basic structure and how to use it. チャンネル?ツール連携?今さら聞けないSlack(スラック)の基本   Slack Tips Slack features a wide range of customizations. Here’s what you can do with Slack:. This alone will certainly lead to greater efficiency. 基本から応用まで!Slack(スラック)で今すぐ使える小ワザ集   Slack Commands at a glance Slack is full of shortcuts and commands. Here’s a list of the best shortcuts and commands you can use in a variety of situations. 完全保存版!仕事が捗るSlack(スラック)ショートカットコマンド総まとめ   Introducing Slack integration and convenient features There are several entries focusing on Slack’s external app integration and useful features. Please take a look at what you are interested in.   Slack Simple Poll Here’s an external app that lets you vote and poll on Slack. Slack(スラック)で投票やアンケートができる便利機能Simple Poll   Collaboration With Trello Here’s how Slack works with Trello, the popular task manager. チャットツールSlack(スラック)とTrello(トレロ)の便利な連携ワザを紹介   Collaboration With Confluence Here’s how Confluence and Slack work together. Confluence(コンフルエンス)とSlackを連携させる方法   Collaboration […]

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Introduction This is a summary entry about Confluence, one of the most popular content in Utilities. It includes basic information about Confluence, intermediate to advanced external application integration, etc.   About Confluence’s operating company This entry introduces Atlassian, the company that runs Confluence. Confluence, Trello, Jira , and others. 注目のSaaSサービスを生み続けるテック企業Atlassian(アトラシアン)を徹底研究!   Basics of using Confluence Confluence gives you a great overview of what tools you can use. If you want to know what kind of service it is in the first place, please refer to this entry. 便利なwikiツールConfluence(コンフルエンス)使い方の基本   How to create a Confluence page Confluence creates pages like a blog. There are various ways to use it such as sharing the created pages and stocking know-how. See below for entries on how to create a page. Confluence(コンフルエンス)でページを作ってみる   Using Confluence Macros Confluence has its own formatting features called macros. Macros provide a wide variety of functions, from display efficiency to collaboration with external services. This is a summary of what macros are and how they are used. Confluence(コンフルエンス)クイックに使える必須マクロまとめ   Google Slide View Integration Macro This entry describes how to use the macro to display Google slides in Confluence. GoogleスライドをConfluence(コンフルエンス)ページで表示する方法   Excel View Macros Learn how to use Roadmap Planner, […]

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Introduction There are many entries about Trello, a popular task management tool in Utilities. From basic usage to external collaboration to make your job more efficient, Trello’s appeal is exhaustive. What is Trello? The following entry shows the basic use of Trello. It covers everything from how to register to how to use it. Introducing Trello, a Useful Task Management Tool Introduce Trello’s various external partnerships Trello can be enhanced with add-ons and other services. The Utilities also has several entries on external partnerships. Integration with Google Chrome You can extend Trello by adding a variety of add-ons. Here’s a list of extensions you can install with Google Chrome. A collection of Chrome extensions that help Trello improve efficiency Collaboration With Confluence This entry describes how to work with Confluence, a project management and wiki tool. Introducing Trello and Confluence Task Management Tools Collaboration With Slack This is an entry about the connection with chat service Slack. This section describes how to configure Slack to notify you of Trello updates. Here’s how to integrate the chat tools Slack and Trello Automate Trello with Butler Trello has an add-on called Butler. Butler is a handy add-on that automates card and board […]

16 Work Efficiency Working Tools by UTILLY

Introduction This entry introduces the collaboration and management tools that are useful in projects. The target is all business users of Internet companies such as venture companies and IT companies.Here are some of the best tools and services for U-TILLY. #1 wiki Service:Confluence What is Confluence? Confluence is a wiki tool run by Atlassian. In addition to being able to easily create and share project pages like a blog, you can also work with a variety of external applications. How to register Confluence You can register Confluence from the official page below. Confluence’s pricing structure is based on the number of users per account, and the price is based on the number of users, but roughly 1 account costs around ¥1,000 per month. Using Confluence Confluence is basically a structure where you add “Page” to your project, your team, and your “Space”. It can be structured into more specific information such as “Space > Parent Page > Grandchildren Page”. Each page can be easily and intuitively constructed like a blog and is very suitable for storing stock information. You can organize project information into manuals, roadmap management, and meeting minutes. Here is related article. Introduction to Confluence, a useful collaboration […]