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Learn how to use Todoist, a stress-free task management tool

Introduction This article explains the task management tool Todoist. Speaking of task management tools, recently there are more and more tools with various functions such as kanban format, Gantt chart, Google calendar integration, reminders, sub-task registration, etc. Todoist is an attractive task management tool that can be used while keeping it as simple as possible to use. Todoist has an intuitive interface that helps you get into the habit of managing tasks. What Is Todoist? Todoist is a simple task management tool run by Doist, an international company. Rather than being multifunctional, the appeal of Todoist is that it allows you to focus on task management with limited features. Introducing Todoist’s features What is Todoist, roughly, and what kind of service is it? Here’s a quick rundown of the key points. A free task management app. You can manage tasks in a simple list format. You can also use the app. Easy checklist management Free Task Management App Todoist is free and ready to go. If you want to use more advanced features, there is a paid plan. Paid plans are explained in the second half of this article. Manage your tasks in a simple list format Todoist is a […]

Introducing Trello, a Useful Task Management Tool

Introduction This article provides a brief introduction to the task management tool Trello. What is Trello? Trello is an easy drag-and-drop task management tool. It is run by Atlassian, also known as Confluence. Of course you can use it for free. Why Trello is Useful Here are some useful things about Trello:. Easy task management with Kanban method I like how easy it is to make a task in as little as 1 second. You can then drag and drop the tasks you create in an intuitive way. Full of detailed functions You can create a task in as little as a second, but you can set up very detailed conditions. For example, you can assign people by organizing and mentoring by label as well as by deadline and details. Be available on multiple devices It can be used in web browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, and IE, as well as smartphone apps and desktop apps. You can also send push notifications just before the deadline. Can be shared by teams Invite to the board for team editing. You can leave comments on the same task. How to Register Trello You can register Trello from the official page. You […]

Top 14 internal wiki tools | Introducing services that help you share information within your company

Introduction Here are a few suggestions for the 2020 version of the internal wiki tool. What is an internal wiki? An internal wiki is a tool that organizes the company’s stock information, including rules, manuals, structures, and know-how. It’s the same concept as Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia that anyone can edit and make together. Why an internal wiki? The more work you do, of course, the more information you accumulate. As information accumulates, the need for efficient access to that information increases. Systematic information gathering is critical because failure to get the right information can lead to lost productivity. Key activities that leverage in-house Wiki tools Specifically, what kind of work can be used for the in-house wiki? Here are some examples:. Internal Structure business flow Place for job regulations Responsibilities and rosters of each team Track important announcements storage of know-how Location of various manuals   Key points in choosing an in-house Wiki tool Here are a few key points to consider when choosing an in-house Wiki tool:. Flexible permission settings Flexibility in who can create and who can view them reduces the likelihood of confusion in your organization’s information management. It is a very important function in terms […]

How to tie Post-it notes to Trello

Introduction In some meetings, such as brainstorming, you may want to stick Post-it notes on the whiteboard. It’s hard to digitize the post-it output of the meeting. This article shows you how to integrate Post-it with Trello.   What Is Trello? Let’s start with a quick introduction to Trello. Trello is a cloud-based task management tool that has grown significantly in recent years.   You can use Trello on your PC or in an app, and it’s intuitive to drag and drop. See below for an introduction to the basics of using Trello. Introducing Trello, a Useful Task Management Tool What makes Trello different from other tasks is its easy integration with external services like Google Chrome. Check out the full post here. A collection of Chrome extensions that help Trello improve efficiency   Install Post-it Apps Here’s how to integrate Post-it notes with Trello. First, install the Post-it app. The Post-it app is an official app of 3M, a provider of Post-it, which allows you to easily bring a Post-it online or use it as a memo. iOS Download   Post-it app is so far available for only iOS   How To Use When you finish installing Post-it, you can move on […]

Jira Software’s new version was released in July 2019!

Project Management Tool Jira     Jira is a project management tool that can be customized and used by teams from Atlassian. A new version of Jira was released in July 2019. Let me briefly introduce the points.   If you want to learn more about Jira, read the following article. チーム好みにカスタマイズ!プロジェクト管理ツールJIRA(ジラ)使い方   The company Atlassian is also covered in the following article. 注目のSaaSサービスを生み続けるテック企業Atlassian(アトラシアン)を徹底研究!     Jira Software 8.3 .x Releases Atlassian support has announced the release of a new version of the Jira project management tool. Highlights of this release include:. Jira Server Mobile App Content Delivery Network (CDN) for Jira Data Center AdoptOpenJDK JRE bundled with JIRA List Custom Changes After Upgrade New filter to search for custom fields Improve performance when referencing projects Improvements to bulk e-mail Improved cluster locking mechanism in Data Center Re-indexing Improvements   We will pick up some releases.   Jira Server Mobile App Released The official mobile application of Jira Server has been released! Previously, the app was only available for “Jira Cloud” so if you’re using the server version, that’s good news. For apps, here are the topics:. Like the Jira Cloud app, the Jira Server app lets you search and […]